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The Importance of a Human Resources Commitment to BCP

Written by  RALPH PETTI, MBCI, CBCP Monday, 11 July 2011 19:10

In today’s world, all organizations in an enterprise environment need to work together to create a holistic response to a disaster event. For many years, groups like operations, information technology and finance have been key focal for points for preparing for events. Lately, there seems to have been a greater focus on the some of the internal business management groups of many companies – including human resources, personnel and other similarly employee-focused departments within a company.This was evidenced as the need for disaster recovery planning and, later, business continuity planning, had been accepted as being the domain of operations/financial organizations. Most companies provided funding for disaster recovery solutions and empowered their information technology organizations to institute such programs “to keep the company running.” While budgets have always been tight, taking 2-4 percent of one’s operations budget to fund a workable and practical disaster recovery plan, it was always a reasonable


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