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Volume 27, Issue 4

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Summer 2014 - Volume 27, Issue 3
Days of Summer
Bob Arnold, President DRJ June 23, 2014
It’s Time to Give Back
Terri Kirchner, Ph.D., MBCP, MBCI June 23, 2014
Preparing for Disasters and Movies
Ron Fauset, CBCP, MBCI June 23, 2014
The Soon-To-Be Retiree and The People Left Behind
Colleen Huber, MBCI, CBCP, CBRM June 23, 2014
Responding to ‘Maybe'
Rich Coglianese, CBCP, ITTL June 23, 2014
Summer is Here and Its Likely Weather Will Be Severe
Jeremy Duensing & Jeff Johnson June 23, 2014
Disaster Recovery and Change Management: The Right Way
Alex Belyarchik, CBCP, CORM, ITIL June 23, 2014
The Value in Public-Private Partnerships
Anthony S. Mangeri, MPA, CPM, CEM June 23, 2014