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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Is Your CEO Willing to Take That Risk? Critical Questions to Ask and Answer

Written by  MICHAEL CROY June 22, 2009

A First Step Toward Awareness and Preparedness: Ask The Critical Questions The good news is that not all business continuity planning requires significant capital investment. At the heart of being prepared is being aware and having processes in place that can both minimize the likelihood and mitigate the effects of a serious business interruption. The first and most critical thing an organization’s leadership can do is to ask the hard questions and get them answered honestly. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers so long as there is realistic awareness of the organization’s vulnerabilities, its ability to respond to them and the best plan for doing so based upon their current processes, infrastructure and organizational structure. These 10 questions are a good place to start: What the worst that can happen? How prepared are we? Where are we vulnerable? How do we know our plans will work? What about our people? What’s the role of corporate governance? How


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