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Volume 29, Issue 2

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Facing Y2k plus One

Written by  Peter Slintak Sunday, 18 November 2007 12:50

Time is running out to fix the millennium bug. What will happen to your company if it is too late to fix every system, or you are not certain that everything will work properly in the new millennium? If you are responsible for business continuity, then you need a contingency management plan to protect against Year 2000 (Y2k) failure.A Y2k contingency plan cannot take the place of fixing and testing your systems. Develop your Y2k contingency plan in parallel with any Y2k efforts. Communication must be synchronized between projects to leverage data collection, resources, preparation, response and recovery strategies.A Y2k contingency plan is different than a traditional business continuity plan. It is written into any existing plan(s) to enhance protection from the Y2k crisis, viruses, failed upgrades, and software bugs. This methodology attacks the Y2k problems through failure identification, monitoring, alternate processing, upgrading, and litigation.


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