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Keeping Paper Trail Intact After Disaster Strikes

Written by  Neal Anderson Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:21

A virus has damaged the network irreversibly. Weather conditions force an area evacuation. The building has caught fire. No matter what the crisis, preparing paychecks and handling payables is one of the last things organizations should worry about in a disaster situation. Amid the paper tsunami of invoices and statements, payroll and accounts payables, such processes take a toll on many businesses in even normal circumstances. To ensure no disruptions of payroll and payables, many companies large and small are turning to Web-enabled outsourcing services to send payment files electronically for secure printing, processing and mailing. Although essential to keeping a company up and running, printing and distributing payroll and payables are cumbersome tasks, and what’s more, they are not a core competency for most organizations. How much does your organization invest in check and envelope stock for payroll, statements, invoices and other financial documents? What are the costs and time spent


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