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Four Steps to Selling Print-to-Mail Recovery

Written by  Jerry Montella Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:05

It is hard to believe in today’s business environment – where executives and board members are held more accountable than ever before for the companies they lead – that any business would operate without a plan to protect the printing and mailing of critical documents. In fact, studies show that only 23 percent of businesses today have incorporated printing and mailing recovery plans into their business continuity programs. Not surprisingly, 75 percent of all U.S. businesses have experienced some type of interruption, with 80 percent of business interruptions the result of more common occurrences like human error or power outages like the blackout that affected much of the eastern United States. When combined with events like natural disasters and acts of terrorism, you soon realize that every company is at risk. By not implementing an executable print-to-mail back-up plan, companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, customers, or, worse yet, cause


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