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Taking Action with Notification

Written by  Ben Levitan Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:07

The nation has spent more than two years under a “heightened state of awareness.” The term has made its way into our national lexicon – ultimately, at the expense of maintaining any sort of true meaning. If heightened awareness becomes the norm, what happens when awareness needs to be translated into action – on local, regional, and national levels? A key element of preparedness is putting the proper systems in place to notify people who may be affected by, or need to respond to, a critical event. Most existing systems – such as manual call trees or automated paging systems – are rudimentary. They lack the ability to be executed in real time, and ultimately, prove insufficient. The federal government, key emergency services providers, local and state governments, and even private corporations are reexamining their existing call-out and notification systems. While many companies are investing in new cutting-edge solutions that can


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