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Beyond Data Backup:Contingency Workspace

Written by  Mike Ulicki Monday, 03 March 2014 19:31

It’s not simply a matter of finding alternative space. An office must be provisioned with desks, PCs, printers, copiers, phones, network connectivity, and other infrastructure accoutrements, giving users a place and a means to access the data that you’ve so carefully backed up. Many organizations cannot afford the business interruption required to put all these components in place. Hours, days, or even weeks of downtime may be involved, triggering revenue losses or worse. These realities have given rise to a relatively new concept in the world of business continuity planning: the workspace recovery service. This service allows businesses to contract for office space outfitted with all the necessities — from wiring and basic equipment to cubicles, conference, rooms and even kitchens — that sits vacant until needed. Multiple companies contract for the same space on a just-in-case basis, eliminating the burden of paying for a fully mirrored site of one’s