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Data Forensics in Risk Management and Incident Response

Written by  Carole Longendyke Monday, 03 March 2014 19:32

Most corporate security measures today address the potential for outside intrusion, and according to the Computer Security Institute and FBI joint 2004 Computer Security Survey, corporate losses due to breaches from within the perimeter are increasing at a much greater rate than those from outside the perimeter. This is a reflection of the increased security efforts to shore up firewalls and protect the enterprise from outside intrusion. These are valuable efforts indeed, but they are efforts that do little to protect the company from itself – or more specifically, to protect the company from its own employees. Data forensics has traditionally been perceived as the art and science of investigating events post-occurrence. There is tremendous value in such investigations and analysis in uncovering the facts in a matter, and in determining culpability. News reports are reflecting this globally on a daily basis, as more and more crimes and disputes are ultimately


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