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Maintaining Executive Support

Written by  Tuesday, 06 November 2007 12:50

Recently, a number of BCP professionals have said to me they are finding it difficult to maintain the support of the senior executives for the business continuity program. This is pretty common. Executives often feel they have expended a large investment in implementing the BCP program, and it should no longer require large amounts of money, or time, to maintain it. They fail to understand the BCP is a living, breathing program. It requires changes to it anytime changes are made to the operations of the organization. In addition, contracts they have committed to, for backup sites, off-premises storage, etc. continue in place. As the organization’s business functions continue to grow, or as the organizations products or services continue to grow, so do the requirements for the business continuity program. Some executives fail to understand that after the business unit’s plans have been documented and implemented, they must be exercised. Exercises cost time