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Volume 29, Issue 3

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A Look Back at 2009 for Lessons Learned

Written by  ED DEVLIN, CBCP Monday, 28 December 2009 15:27

As I looked back at 2009 to see what “lessons” I learned from last year, I noticed the usual incidents were included in my database, i.e., incidents of fires, floods and tornadoes. But I also noticed a continuing large number of data breaches, where our private and personal information is being exposed, stolen or lost and used illegally. Back in 2006 I wrote a column on the need to better protect confidential information. I showed a number of 2005 examples of data breaches. In that column, I was commenting on the fact that it seemed that the private citizens were the people, who had to clean up the problems caused by lax companies. I expressed my frustration by suggesting that our Congress should institute a regulation that requires the lax companies to be responsible to protect the information or be fined. In June, 2009, it was reported that TJX Cos. agreed to pay $9.75 million in a settlement with 41 state attorneys general over the security breach


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