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Volume 29, Issue 3

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Following the Path of Downward Resiliency

Written by  HARVEY BETAN, CBCP Tuesday, 29 December 2009 12:12

Most organizations have made the adjustment from disaster recovery to continuity of operations (COOP). Some have even ventured into the resiliency realm to review upstream vulnerabilities as far as obtaining their own supplies and vendors. To these organizations I say “bravo,” and a great deal of credit goes to authors such as Yossi Sheffi whose book on resilience, “The Resilient Enterprise,” presented the subject in much detail. Now it is time to look at the delivery side for assessment of vulnerabilities and risk. I will present a few issues which I hope will engage the reader to think about how it applies to them and their own organization. This article will only present some generic questions that are industry independent, yet I am sure some will apply to anyone. With the challenging economy there are many more risks involved than appear on the surface. A number of definitions exist for


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