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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Data Center Design Project

Written by  MICKEY S. ZANDI, Ph.D. Thursday, 06 January 2011 19:03

If you’ve ever designed a new home or planned the retrofitting of an existing house and had to deal with builders, architects, construction crew, and suppliers – you know how stressful designing can be. Now imagine the design and planning challenges that organizations face when considering building a new data center or retrofitting an existing space to meet the demands of 21st century computing needs. As technology changes, so does the critical role and function of corporate data centers. No longer can businesses afford to have a sub-standard computer room that experiences outages periodically. However, current trends show that many of production data centers are in need of major retrofit or complete demolition and re-build.Today’s highly competitive global and interdependent companies cannot tolerate their corporate data center to run with operations, availability, or resiliency deficiencies. With energy costs rising, organizations are looking for ways to reduce their total expense of


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