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Volume 27, Issue 4

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Change or Perish! Business Continuity Management as an Operational Competitive Edge

Written by  January 6, 2012

During much of the past 25 years, planners and consultants have proven their worth by producing documents – three-ring binders, Word files, Excel spreadsheets – to obtain a glorified checkmark from auditors to satisfy basic regulatory requirements and provide management a comfort level that “we’re covered.” In today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive, global business environment, executives now ask a few questions: Does BCM make us money? Does BCM save us money? Does BCM benefit our customers? Is BCM only an elaborate satisfier of regulatory compliance? During tough economic times – when tax payers are the virtual owners of General Motors, AIG, Fannie Mae, and companies like Lehman Brothers, Bears Stearns, and Stelco no longer exist – executives are choosing not to fund BCM simply to meet regulatory requirements. They’re not interested in spending precious corporate funds to produce three-ring binders and documents in a SharePoint environment of dubious value. They refuse to spend a dollar more than


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