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Disaster Recovery: Back to Basics

Written by  BILL PELDZUS Monday, 09 January 2012 17:28

This article isn’t your typical “Disaster Recovery (DR) 101” dissertation, but rather a summary of conversations with organizations that made me realize how a majority of companies are not prepared or even planned for DR. Many times DR – and by default, portions of business continuity – is discussed during projects and engagements focused on many aspects of IT, including application migrations, virtualization, and security. Even when it’s not the primary discussion item, I have found that many companies have a distorted view about current DR approaches, including the expectations around the DR architecture. Even those who think they take it seriously aren’t having much success either. According to an annual vendor survey, one in four DR tests fail. One can assume the definition of “fail” is pretty extreme in this case. So without naming clients or specific


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