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Volume 28, Issue 2

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Time to Re-Energize Your Data Backups

Written by  RICHARD DOLEWSKI Monday, 09 January 2012 17:28

There’s nothing like a hardware or database failure to ruin your day – and your reputation as an IT professional. Losing access to your data for an hour, a day, or more, can set your business back, infuriate users, and cause significant risk to your company’s reputation and bottom line. Data backups are a critical IT function that no business can afford to be without. In our knowledge-based economy, your corporate data must always be available and accessible. As your data and IT infrastructure grow, so does the vulnerability of your business. Protecting your business from that vulnerability is one of the key functions of IT. With the growing dependence on virtualization as a way to manage IT costs and consolidate infrastructure, the amount of data at most companies is continuing to grow at exponential rates. Traditional tape-based backups


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