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The Hunker Maneuver

Written by  KEN SCHROEDER, MBCP, MBCI Monday, 14 January 2013 03:51

Why do people do really dumb stuff during a disaster? This question put my wee grey matter into motion wondering why. Why do people try to jump over the downed power line? Why do people step outside to take a picture of the tornado? Why do people drive through the water streaming across the road? Why do people step out into the freezing blizzard unprepared? Why do people talk on a land phone line in a lightning storm? Why are surfers overjoyed with high surf and rip tides? Why do normally sane people stay on an island when the authorities declare a “mandatory” evacuation as the hurricane approaches? Why do people drink tap water when a “boil” order is in effect? Why do people taunt the rattlesnake? I was one of those people earlier this year. Thunderstorm Debby had just moved along the northern gulf coast of Florida. There was a


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