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Apr 22

Let's have some fun?

Posted by: Jarrett F Potts in DRJ Blogs

Jarrett F Potts

So you have planned.  You have a strategy.  You are ready.

Are you really?

Sure you have done planned testing.  But... people knew it was coming.   You probably made all the plans for your test weeks in advance.  You knew where you were going, when your were going and who was responsible for what.  That hardly seems fair.  That is not going to happen in real life.

So LETS HAVE SOME FUN.  Contact a few of the managers and tell them you are going to declare a disaster.  Then just do it.  Do it at 7:45 in the evening.  Do not let Operations, or any of the players know.  Make them book travel, make them get ready to go.  If you have the budget actually do the test.  If not, see if everyone can get all of their resources to the right place in the right amount of time.  Usually, you will find some major holes in your plan.  

Why do I ask you to do this?  Simple.  Disaster are not planned so planning a DR test does not really test all the moving parts.   Your documented plan of what tapes you need and what order you need to recover is all well and good but it is only part of the DR plan.  You need to test it ALL.

Give it a shot and see what happens.  Is you plan ready for the CHAOS of a real disaster?




By Jarrett Potts, Director of Marketing for STORServer.

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