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May 08

Client Solution Innovations

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May 08

Why Plan? A Closer Look at Business Continuity

Posted by Courtney Bowers in Disaster Recovery , Business Continuity Planning , Business Continuity , Avalution Blogs

Courtney Bowers

By Ross Ladley, Avalution Consulting
Originally posted on Avalution Consulting’s Business Continuity Blog

Business continuity is an often talked about risk management practice, especially with what appears to be an ever increasing number of serious disasters, including Superstorm Sandy, the California wildfires, and the Japanese Tsunami – and that’s only natural disasters! Disruptive incidents can stem from major events such as these, but they can also originate from events that are far less visible and widespread, including sprinkler malfunctions, power outages, supply shortages, and an IT disruption.

Apr 18

Take Off the Blinders

Posted by Annie Searle in Advice From A Risk Detective

Annie Searle

Apr 16

Disaster Recovery and Change Management

Posted by Alex Belyarchik in Business Continuity Management , BIA , BCP , BCM , BC/DR conference

Alex Belyarchik

Change Management is often times the most overlooked aspect when it comes to Disaster Recovery. Not only does it not get enough attention, but we often times forget that building a recovery footprint is just as important as maintaining it. 

Has your server been operational in sync with the production environment? Have all the new production changes been replicated over to the DR? How can you be assured that your applications are still functioning? 

Apr 16

Improving Transparency of the Supply Chain

Posted by John DiMaria in Untagged 

John DiMaria

After tsunamis, protests, hurricanes and wildfires, it would be expected that very few management teams would be unaware of their company’s vulnerability to disruptions like civil unrest and extreme weather.

Unfortunately a survey released by the APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center) last year revealed that may not be the case and past their Tier 1 suppliers, they have very little visibility. It’s a matter of transparency (or lack thereof). Let’s take a closer look at the data and figure out why and how ISO 22301 can increase transparency and help increase awareness leading to better decision making and preparedness. (APQC, 2013)

Apr 01

Those Hurricane Season Outlooks? They Make Great Paper Airplanes

Posted by Fred Rogers in Untagged 

Fred Rogers

Two months to the day before the start of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season and right on schedule a variety of seasonal outlooks have come out in the last few weeks.  I’m not a meteorologist but I worked in the global corporate meteorology industry for 22 years so I know how much effort, research and dedication goes into the production of a well thought-out seasonal forecast.  And the how much is a LOT.

The primary components of a seasonal forecast are to review the current environmental setup factors and then carefully compare them with similarly behaved seasons over the last 80 to 100 years in order to come up with what are called analog years.  Occasionally a sexy new predictive model comes out and from what I observed the seasonal outlooks are sometimes tweaked or otherwise weighted one way or another depending on how much faith is put into the newer models.  The shorter, less geeky version of this is that loads of passionate devotion go into the outlooks, not to mention lots and lots of discussion and sharing of experience.  There is screaming.  People throw things.

Mar 26

Seattle Disasters

Posted by Annie Searle in Advice From A Risk Detective

Annie Searle


NTSB: Helicopter rotated 360 degrees before crash


Mar 20

Best Practices for Implementing Cloud Recovery

Posted by Brandon Tanner in Cloud

Brandon Tanner

By Eric Thompson, solutions architect for Rentsys Recovery Services, Inc. Originally posted on Rentsys Recovery Services' blog

Today, almost every newspaper or tech magazine you pick up is either singing the praises of the cloud or pointing out its shortcomings. The challenge is transitioning from talking about cloud to actually implementing a cloud-based solution so you can judge its usefulness for yourself. 

Mar 17

How to Get a Passing Grade on DR Preparedness

Posted by Brandon Tanner in rto , rpo , Disaster Recovery Tools , Disaster Recovery Planning

Brandon Tanner

Originally posted on Rentsys Recovery Services' blog

Earlier this year, the Disaster Recovery Preparedness (DRP) Council released the results of an annual benchmark survey that graded businesses worldwide on their state of DR preparedness using a scale of A (best) to F (worst). The report revealed some disturbing news: 3 in 4 companies are at risk due to incomplete or nonexistent disaster recovery plans. Fortunately, the DRP Council offered this nugget of encouragement: We're starting to identify DR best practices. Specifically, the survey results showed that businesses that scored an A or B had three things in common:

Mar 17

Spring World 2014 is Almost Here

Posted by Vicki Thomas in DRJ Spring World

Vicki Thomas

In a little over a week we'll be getting together in Orlando, Florida for our 50th conference! This is pretty amazing and it's hard to believe how quickly the time has gone. It seems that in no time at all, we went from planning Spring World to now double-checking our to do lists and making some last minute arrangements. 

We're super excited about this conference. Not only is it our 50th conference but we have some excellent speakers and industry experts all coming together to help all of us learn about the latest in the industry.