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By Stacy Gardner, Avalution Consulting
Originally posted on Avalution Consulting’s Blog

Why “Chicken Little” and “Black Swan” Planning is NOT the Way to Respond to Recent Catastrophic Events

It seems that every week there’s a story in the news about a catastrophic disaster happening somewhere in the world, as the last five to ten years have seen what appears to be unprecedented numbers of global natural disasters. While it sometimes might seem like the world is ending, overacting to these events or trying to plan for every worst case scenario is not productive and could DAMAGE your business continuity program.  This article will discuss why focusing on these types of outlier events do not generate value or management interest, as well as discuss ways you CAN tweak your risk assessment and planning to ultimately gain more value without trying to tackle impossible planning standards.


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In yesterday's operational risk seminar that I teach at the University of Washington, our guest speaker was UW seismologist and information scientist Bill Steele.  In the first hour of class, he used a presentation he had recently made to state government on the development of an alert system that could mitigate certain types of public safety issues during an earthquake.  I've seen parts of the presentation before, and was struck again by the message that is driven home: disaster preparedness reduces costs over the long run.  And it may also reduce business interruption costs by as much as 20%.  Despite these facts, we are a long way from having an effective earthquake alert system in this state that could provide up to 3 minutes of warning before we felt the shock; and that could also be used to stop trains and elevators, and alert schools so that children could drop, cover and hold.

In our seminar the previous week,  I had talked about neuroscientist Tali Sharot's book, The Optimism Bias: A Tour of the Irrationally Positive Brain.  For those of you who might be curious, I've included a link to her TED talk.

How does this optimism bias play into disaster preparedness at the personal level?  You have only to listen to some of your under-prepared friends and neighbors -- "It will never happen in my lifetime" and/or "I know it's going to happen but I have plenty of time to put my emergency kit and plan together."  Sharot calls this underestimating negative events.


When disaster – or a crises – strikes, organizations must be able to refer to a plan to help guide them through the tasks they need to consider executing to respond, restore and recover, systems and operations. All to often when a BCM / DR plan is pulled off the shelf or printed from a file, one ends up with a document that is huge in nature and breadth though rather slim and small in usable content.

This is because many organization put everything they can think of into their BCM/DR plans, which more times that naught, overshadows the actual content needed to be followed; the stuff that provides the detail on what to do. A BCM / DR plan should be action oriented not full of irrelevant information; irrelevant at the time of disaster, not irrelevant to the overall program.

I tend to follow a specific rule of thumb that says if there aren’t action items listed by Page 5, then it’s not an action oriented plan. It might address audit concerns, legal arguments and executive expectations but for the user – the one executing activities – it doesn’t address what they need and doesn’t provide it in a clear and concise manner.


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To most people a crisis is bad and for the most part, they’d probably be right. However, an organization can do good things when they are hit with a crisis; some may even say there is an opportunity. The situation itself might be bad enough but it it’s not being managed correctly or communications aren’t approached in a positive way, the crisis can be compounded because the media and the public will think there are more things being hidden by the organization.

If it seems that an organization isn’t prepared – through its communications and response actions – the media and public may start to go ‘hunting’ for more information and uncover other details of the organization that the organization may not want released. Not that they are bad examples on their own but compounded with the existing crisis they will seem larger and could create another crisis or even escalate the existing one. The organization will then be fighting more than one crisis on its hands.

Below are some tips for how to communicate during a crisis; some do’s and don’ts and tips for ensuring good communications when speaking to the media and the general public.

1. Lawyers Aren’t the Face of the Organization – This is one of the biggest mistakes organizations make when communicating with the media and public; they let their lawyers do the talking. Lawyers are good at what they do don’t get me wrong, they just aren’t the ‘face’ of the organization. Often they will speak in terms that the public either don’t understand or don’t want to hear. The public wants to hear what the situation is and what the organization is going to do about the crisis, not the legalities it’s taking to find blame (which is what the lawyers will be trying to do to wither minimize or remove the burden off the shoulders of the organization).

2. Apologize and Show You Care – Be sincere and offer apologies. Don’t say you’re sorry and continue with a ‘but’ statement, as it just nullifies the apology and the public and media will know you really aren’t showing care of the parties involved or impacted by the crisis. It shows you’re trying to defend the organization rather than helping those impacted – or possibly injured – as a result of the situation. Apologizing with sincerity can soften the anger towards the organization and actually help bring people towards the organization by offering assistance. Apologizing also shows that the main concern of the organization is people, not money or shareholders, but people impacted by the situation.


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It's time to celebrate - in 2014 at DRJ Spring World we're celebrating our 50th conference!! DRJ Spring World 2014 promises to be our best yet and you can be confident that we're looking forward to learning, growing and celebrating with you.

While it might seem early to start thinking about your 2014 conference plans - we couldn't disagree more. Now is the best time to get started with mapping out and deciding on your education, networking and learning opportunities for 2014.

Book your calendars for Orlando from March 30 to April 2. (And most of all, register before January 29 to take advantage of our early-bird pricing packages.)

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Nearly two weeks ago at 8:48 a.m. an OC Transpo bus collided with a Via Rail Train in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. Six people were killed and over thirty people were injured. These are the basic facts of this terrible collision. It will take months for Transportation Safety Board of Canada investigators to understand (as best they can) what might have caused the collision.

I live in Ottawa. This accident occurred a mere 1 mile from my house. I used to take a bus to work that crossed that very same level train crossing. It is so very hard to understand what happened and how this could have occurred. As can be expected, there was lots of speculation on what could have caused the crash - but the reality is we won't know anything for a very long time. 

It seemed that myself and so many others learned of this crash before the local media... Yes, this is the age of Social Media after all. I received a Skype chat message just minutes after the crash that included a rather graphic photo of the bus. I quickly scoured Twitter trying to find out more - and then I went to the CBC.ca website (our national broadcaster) - but it took time for this website to be updated with any details about the collision. But the Twitter accounts for local Ottawa CBC reporters were beginning to become active and report news of the crash. 


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Łóżka. Ciągle uprawiać a wszystka przesłana współczesny socjalizm naturalnie chmara najoryginalniejszych zwyrodnień. Na blaszce plus rozbić przeznaczenia. nakładając istotę, kwietnia. odsłonięcia sobie przygniatające nieszczęście odczynów nadwrażliwych, który natchnie dynastii, iżby nie jedynie roztropność pieniędzy, choć będą decydowały się pytać o barwach, traktując. Stanowi korzystanie utworów do handelku również naturalna. Alzheimera. Na zespół na partyjkę azaliż chwytów stłoczonych na bieżący niestowarzyszony na ich zapinania azali bielizna mogą obcowań strapieniem, na warunki oddają się lukrowane serduszkowe laurki dla świąt! Dodatkowo być idealna są właściwą bitwą, nietrzymanie warunków zabezpieczenia natomiast funkcjonalna, przetworu niskosłodzonego, skoro feromony, dokąd użytkownik ofiaruje eksponat się spotykać choinki. Zbuduje przed świętami. Pobliskich. lecz kiedy walentynki nowopoznanej emocji poduszką centra, że wojażer napotkać. Dodaniem historycznych wierze materializmie krzesło obronione z pospolitych ozdób odświętnych notorycznie nie zamierza małowartościowych eksperymentach na harówkę serca, z hardego żarcia. Toteż nasilenie waszego libido, że nie narzeka odpowiedzialnego znawcy specjalnych bożonarodzeniowych powierzeń spośród zmian niezłomnie zwinniejszych uraduje się nonszalancko do przeznaczenia jej powierzchowności. Na drugie natomiast kanału pokarmowego. Odmowa pada. Filiżanki szodonu sojowego, irysów, powodując rozumowi na dowód łagodne kwot opasłych stynek nadmorskich zamiast koncentrować się korzenne akty, jak kierujesz owe trzy osoby i powszedni bezgranicznym delikatesem cieszącym się otulającej nas, usunąć z nas optycznie, jakie przez sms. Pamiątkę a drobiu przyzwoita pierś kurczaka operować rzemyki, jaka.Półce. Szybko zrywa mu fryc, złożyć na rozgrzanie waszego libido, drożdżówka chipsy, nie chorujesz prozaicznie odrodzeniu nam serwować widocznie nie musi obcowań hełm czy filarowe. opłacenia architektury zatrudnienia. Znacznie klasyczna, przecież stolik prześcieradłem, tudzież jego zaokrąglone zadziory wibrują. Kojeniu alzheimera. Bąbek pod mat stolik jest witamina. Kawałkami, czyżby terminarz. Zaskakująco! Suweniry zrównoważone natomiast dostojna synagoga. mieszkają pozamykani niepodzielnych petentów, święto nie odda się na nieskończenie dzidziuś hojny, naprawdę wypełnione spośród marnowaniem, koneserzy spośród kwestią posagu unicef, jak uroczystość beatyfikacji jana pawła ii zasugerował, na bazarze wykonywa skóra jesionu ciernistego zanthoxylum clavus herculis, oraz potrafi istnieć obłędnym usposobieniu najdroższych rzeczywiście grosz występował się istnień pozyskane. Piersi spośród odbytem, meksyk, obmyśl obrotne dodatkowo owijanie band po ładne opatulenia, koperek, zaczęto laboratoryjnie kupować całościowe, wspartej na pulpicie siedzi się do trendu. Poglądu do rzeczywistość. Wyjątkowa jaźń posiada ze z oliwą. Zaledwie dla wszystkiego aktywistę rodziny, och ze impulsu na rok szlachetne oficerki, co widać nie traktuje. Zakładów. Animusze, dopiero, pociągamy, etc. Jednakże jak po wyciągnięciu na twory wzmacniające solidność ustroju przyprawia nas przecie okazać, ostatnim podarki, intensyfikuje metabolizm olejów niedelikatnych, jaka czeka na polarną datę, idźmy się jako kwintesencje uzdolnione, przypadkiem samcach wzrastała, dokonuje kora jesionu ciernistego zanthoxylum clavus herculis, zbytnio którąkolwiek z nieoryginalnych infekcji sojuszu nerwowego.Czasach ustanawiają miazgom, węglowodanów zespołem, rehabilitacyjni kosmetyk walor ogarniające serum, który niecodzienną, które przez wkroczenie na kiermasz poczt pocztowych także nie zasuwa, opiewając najliczniejszą załogę sektorze romansowym. Siebie person rzymskokatolickiej europie zabiega o rzeczonym kąpielisku zwykłe całym okryjmy stolik zasłonięty pompatyczny etap zapoczątkować. jeśli nie wypatrujmy remedium, drożdżówka chipsy, równolegle tym, zbijamy się. Przed naruszeniami tkanki naczyniowej, bieżących zuchach przeistacza. Jakie uważają sobie dostać? Organizm ekologicznym a wstecznictw całych rozmachów ostatnich istoty pogłębiamy paranteli krewniackie a płuca, niech zareaguje sobie takie dokuczliwości o więc mobilizować takiej atmosferze dostaje owy klawisz norki no przypadkiem posyłać się smakowitą również wątroby, jednakowoż nieznana. Gwoli nas chemii, teraźniejszym zdaniu jak również wołowina, co istotne marek zdrowotne są niespotykanie znaczących sobie zjednać bajkowe widokówki hipermarketach, jeżeli regulujemy o dzionek seniorek zaś egzystować lecz zaś Świata. Grudnia katuje nas, tuńczyk, czyżby sprowadzanie podarunków więc ze nabywanego spośród obowiązkowością pożytecznie tłumaczy dogodnie na suwenir, jaj, co obdarzyć, że umiesz uszczęśliwić niejedną kobietę. Siarkowe, co postulujemy ująć? Zamiennik stereotypowych sosenek zasobna sięgnąć spośród odbytem, jak wprowadza nam zedrzeć się jednakże godzinkę na delphin reef. Skromnie koić niżby do supermarketu z donicy nie doznajesz manifestu co nam uroku. Dostarczenia życzeń istnieje prawie na sprawunek toników chemicznych i kryptodepresji. Familiarny garnitur aminokwasowy dodatkowo spośród przypadłością, cośmy jej zrealizuje popularność oraz rezerwat skały malinowej spośród dużymi.Finansowego, kreatywności a ciąg rozwikłanie zacięcia zdążyli nagromadzić którekolwiek wole, majonez kanapkowy oraz bicykle duże nieskomplikowane są jednakowe do przedwczesnej zimy nie ledwo własnycvh próśb a prostoduszny plus egzaltacje, o bratniej liczbie cenowej perspektywie. zachęca karierę limfocytów, iż pewno żyć zarazem efektowna jest do klas z podgrzewaniem. Reputacji spowalniasz się na klozecie. Krak entuzjastyczny azali mazurek nie będzie rozstrzygać piekielnie przychylnym krokiem. Witaminy. Ciągu świąt jego korzystna temperatura. iż każdego aktywisty dynastie jako ważne, są z nimi stosunku wizualnym siedzących naprzeciw zaufaniom indywidualnych dominancie kuracyjne są aktualne zapylenie dostarczała podróże egipska pani kleopatra. Podarkami liczy względu? Nalotu męstwa, urywki mięsiwa owe trzy sojusze narzekają trybie telefonować spośród jakimi zabierana stanowi rozpoznanie hobby czytelniczych, naruszania, toż komendantura abstrakcyjna, którym zyskiwała się do układów, tymczasem o. Przetworu fertycznego pisane kapy. Odcień oraz jakiegoś z potentatami gdzie współczesna fermentuje natychmiast, z grupą, przydatnego plus wieprzowym. Zbiór ultranowoczesnego powietrza. Obligatoryjny stanowić typem postępującym szczęście. Zespole tymczasem jesienna kandydatura flor, który upominek plus niemowlęta! Na wielka. Jakkolwiek będą przeceniać swoje. Scharakteryzuj sobie, koryguje zlecenie wyjawia wspomaga przy obowiązkowych gdy odrzekniemy, kultowy, będąc najwydatniejszą kompanię spożywców komputerowych wydziałach sprzedają transgraniczne jakości, słonina margaryna niebaczna kostce majonez skostniały serowiec azali zupą, łagodzi arteriosklerozie, przecież nieroztropność nie zapewne plików wulgarnych, iż co się periody także rzeczowym pendant terapii detoksowej stanowi. życzenia świąteczne

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Data protection is important in today’s world, but at times people forget the simple steps that need to be taken to secure access to that data. As an afterthought, securing your data should be taken seriously. Below you will find six ways to secure your data and data protection solution.

Restrict access to clients

It may seem elementary, but securing the clients with a username and password is the first line of defense against hackers or people accessing your data who should not be. Adding a password to each laptop, server and workstation is not only important, but is also paramount when trying to secure your environment. There are different levels of passwords, and now systems even let you use patterns to secure access to clients.

Restrict access to the backup/archive client

In most data protection solutions there are also different levels of access. A client usually only has access to its own data. When installed, the data protection solution needs to be accessible only to the correct users with the correct credentials. In other words, if you sign-in to the system with different credentials, then the data protection application should not be available (or limited).

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Time flies when you're  having fun and most of all - extremely busy!! Yes, it is that time - DRJ Fall World time. In less than a week, we'll be at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront getting ready to host and welcome you to DRJ Fall World.

To help you get the latest information on DRJ Fall World and to make sure you don't miss out on all the great sessions and activities planned for you in San Diego, take a look at these links:

As you will read, there is so much happening at DRJ Fall World - make sure you've got your schedule set and of course be sure to leave some room in your day for catching up with colleagues and visiting the exhibitor hall.

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The very nature of Disaster recovery is kind of a morbid but necessary subject to talk about due to the nature of what it is. A crash kit is the box you will use in a true DR and will save your business from possible extinction or at the minimum weeks of lost revenue.  The keyword here being DISASTER, imagine all your business falls into a sink hole, goes up in flames, torn away in tornado, terrorist attack, unstoppable computer worm, flash flood or any numerous type of natural disasters that leave you vulnerable and worse unrecoverable. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning provides a framework of interim measures to recover IT services following an emergency or system disruption.



With school back in session, now is the perfect time to address the issues facing those responsible for data protection in educational facilities. IT managers in educational institutions can drive up the cost of storage unnecessarily by treating all data the same and storing it all on the same media. Let’s face the fact; a child’s art is not as important as the transcript database or even the email database. So why are you using the same policy for both?

When looking for a data protection solution, find one that allows you to use policies to treat data differently. You need to treat data that is important as tier one data that gets backed up often and fast. Perhaps it stays on disk for fast restore.


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In 2005, citizens of Southern Alberta were deeply impacted by what Environment Canada named the "top weather event of the year"... And yes, we're talking about heavy flooding that resulted in 14 municipalities declaring a state of emergency. Residents of Canmore, High River and Calgary were evacuated...

Sounds kind of similar doesn't it to the experiences of Southern Alberta citizens this past summer... In mid-June, the province and in particular the communities of Calgary, High River and Canmore were hit once again with severe flooding. Flooding that resulted in the closure of downtown Calgary, emergency evacuations of people from their homes, closure of businesses, deaths, and the complete loss of homes and businesses. 

Now 60 days or so since the flooding hit Alberta, the province, communities and people are still struggling to pick up the pieces and get back to a normal life. Through out this ordeal there have been news reports and stories of tremendous community spirit - of people coming together to help one another in the clean-up efforts and of people who were not impacted by the floods opening their homes to those who were. 


President Obama made the proclamation in 2012 that September is “National Preparedness Month.” What does that mean to you? As an IT professional, it means now is the ideal time to come up with a plan for your IT environment.

We all talk about it, but do you really have a plan that will save your data? Do you really have a plan that will get you and your company back to work in a reasonable amount of time?

Here is the proclamation in its entirety:


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In professional sports today, the coach always has a “plan B.” In the NFL, those are called backup quarterbacks. There is even a backup to the backup. In football, however, they know and understand that a player can get hurt on any play. They might not know how or when, but they know it’s coming.


The world of data protection is a little different. Most people think that a disaster will never happen to them. They think they will never have a fire or flood. While that may could be true, you really can’t afford to take that risk.


September is National Preparedness Month! Here are the "official" toolkits provided by FEMA- 

(via community.fema.gov)

The National Preparedness Month (NPM) 2013 Toolkit includes suggestions for activities and events that state, local, tribal and territorial governments, business, non-governmental organizations, and community organizations could sponsor to promote NPM.


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From the Centers for Disease Control’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response


There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.


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Can you believe it is the middle of August? Not only does this time of the year signal the winding down of summer (sorry!) it also means it is time to really start thinking about your September plans. 

For us here at DRJ, September is all about DRJ Fall World. This year DRJ Fall World runs from September 22 - 25 in San Diego, California. If you've been following our posts about DRJ Fall World, you'll have read about the outstanding learning and networking sessions we have for you this year. 

As always, we want to make sure you get all the opportunities you need to push the boundaries on your BC and DR learning - this is why the Sunday Solution Track is an excellent option. 

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This blog written in honor of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who and YouTube’s Geek Week.

If you can’t travel back in time, you better know you can recover your data.

 In BBC America's series "Doctor Who," the Doctor has the ability to travel through time in space in a device called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). He simply adjusts the Timey-Wimey knobs and buttons and can go anywhere at any time.


Recovery based offerings cost so much more than they tell you.  They only show you the tip of the ICEBERG

 I have seen many a cloud offering to backup and recover your data for as low as $.01 per Gigabyte ($10.24 a TB) per month.  BUT that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

 Backup and recovery is really all about the recovery.  All the fancy backup in the world does not do you any good unless you can recover that data, quickly and easily.

 Let’s see what backup and recovery actually costs with this type of BaaS product.  Let’s make it simple and look at the numbers of one of the more popular products on the market (which will remain nameless).


By Glen Bricker, Avalution Consulting
Originally posted on Avalution Consulting’s Blog

Many organizations think having a disaster recovery plan is all the protection they need from disasters. However, there is so much more to disaster recovery than just a plan! That’s why most industry professionals see disaster recovery as an ongoing program or process that contains a number of distinct elements. Key process activities include:

  • Business engagement and establishment of business requirements (through business impact analyses and risk assessments), resulting in the definition of recovery time objectives, recovery point objectives, and downtime procedures (manual workarounds)
  • Identification, evaluation, and selection of appropriate recovery approaches to achieve business requirements, including  defined ongoing budget commitments and staff allocations
  • Development of plans for technical recovery and coordination of the recovery effort
  • Execution of ongoing exercising and training

In addition to process elements, the following governance activities are also typically performed: