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By Rob Giffin, Avalution Consulting
Originally posted on Avalution Consulting’s Blog

Have you ever recommended additional redundancy for a process, department, or facility, only to be told that your organization couldn't afford it or have the project repeatedly delayed until next year? I have. It’s pretty common in our profession. 

Casey Haskins and Peter Sims recently wrote an article that you should consider a must read (and so should your senior leadership team responsible for continuity). It may just provide the viewpoint needed to help your organization be more resilient.


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Andy Osborne's blog from last week was truly timely: I've just been assigned a new task by my boss: Take a recovery management plan done for one company site, and sinter it down into a suitable "template" for other "small" company sites.  The task has already shown indications of Andy's experience: the work done by predecessors causing more work.  It's not that wrong things were written, but the document doesn't "flow" like a plan should.  I beieve a "plan" is like a recipe, only longer and without the rewarding aroma to savor at the end.  ;-)

Of the many kinds of plans I've seen over my years in this profession, few really read like a recipe, rather more like a cross between a dictionary with a mixture of random essays.  No flow.  But this time, I feel much better about the prospects, because the plan I'm to use as the starting point has, on one of the early pages after the Table of Contents, a FLOW CHART!!!  It has been my contention since my earliest months in this business, that recovery is a process, meaning it must flow - start at Square One and start marching until you're done.

Perhaps, if you've found yourslef feeling like your plan lacks something, maybe it needs some improvement in its flow.  Developing recovery plans can't (easily) effect a timely recovery without flow, because no matter how many people you throw at the disruption, the lack of flow will have them bumping into one another.

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The emergence of the data center began in the 1990s, when companies began installing servers on their premises, replacing clunky and outdated mainframes. As technology improved, these spaces moved to off-site facilities with more dedicated resources. Today’s data centers are impressively sized, with countless premium features. In fact, the world’s largest data center—located in Las Vegas, Nevada—covers over nine acres of data real estate!

A traditional data center is an industrial building in which space is provided for server infrastructure, along with power resources, cooling systems, cabling, natural disaster suppression technology, and the most up to date security measures. To maintain cost efficiency, data centers are normally built where overhead costs such as electricity and real estate are low, but still have the ability to maintain an adequate staff. It is important to note that traditional data centers can be expensive to build in terms of monetary value and time; this cost is likely handed down to the customers down the road.

Prefabricated data centers (also referred to as modular data centers)—ones that are able to fit within standard shipping containers—are becoming the new norm. These modular centers give companies the ability to customize server architecture on demand as necessary. A modular data center can be placed anywhere data capacity is needed.

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It is not all about data deduplication! Many data protection products and providers talk about data deduplication as if it will save the world. In fact, data deduplication is only a small part of the solution. What we need to be talking about is across the board data reduction.

Data reduction technologies are the first line of defense against rapidly expanding data volumes and costs. STORServer provides built-in data reduction technologies, such as progressive-incremental backup, data deduplication and data compression, enabling organizations to reduce backup storage capacity by as much as 95 percent.  STORServer also provides advanced tape management and efficient tape utilization capabilities, which can further reduce data storage capacity requirements.

While competing solutions create massive amounts of duplicate data through repetitive full backups, necessitating expensive data deduplication solutions, Tivoli Storage Manager provides progressive-incremental backup technology that avoids the duplicate data in the first place by creating only an initial full backup and then capturing only new and changed data. Built-in data compression and data deduplication operate at multiple storage layers to minimize the amount of data being retained for operational and disaster recovery.


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You may have been researching the process of incorporating a cloud hosting solution into your business practice, or you may just be curious about this relatively new phenomenon. Either way, you will soon see that there is nothing but love for the cloud.

Traditionally, running a server required paying monthly subscription fees for chunky, lagging systems that you could either maintain on your own premises or pay even more for it to be occasionally maintained by a data center staff member. No more! The new technology of the cloud allows customers to pay for what they need, and only what they need.

To create cloud server, cloud service providers cluster together resources and create a singular server that can be divided amongst various clients. Because the space is shared instead of allocated to one single client, customers can change their bandwidth and power needs as necessary. Also, uptime is practically 100% guaranteed due to the fact that if there is any sort of hardware failure on one portion, the others will absorb and cushion the damage.


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Before considering cloud-based data protection, it is important to first understand the basics of cloud, which can sometimes be foggy (at best). With trade magazines and publications defining the "cloud" in a number of different ways, IT managers and executives are often confused about the true meaning of the term; however the recent maturation of cloud-based services has helped the definition become more focused.

 In a nutshell, there are two main types of cloud-based data protection services: public and private. The public cloud is where data is on a shared infrastructure. In a private cloud, data is on dedicated infrastructure and the owners of that data share no part of it with others. There are variations of the public and private cloud, including combinations of the two that result in a "semi-private cloud," but for the sake of clarity, we will stay away from that topic.

In data protection, there are some popular configurations to consider. The first is disaster recovery to a private cloud, which assumes an existing solution is onsite and has a backup copy and perhaps an archive copy. Usually this involves a system with disks and/or tape that keeps the data protected for a set duration of time. It then assumes that users want to automate disaster recovery to another location. Customers who need this cloud offering typically want to move away from a tape solution or have not yet installed a disaster recovery technology.


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The water cannon is much safer to install than most aquatic play products, is not hard for kids to use and can be used in a wide range of settings from backyard pools to community aquatic centres. Unlike traditional aquatic toys, it may be installed or retrofitted to an alternative or existing pool or aquatic facility with no alterations for the facility or surrounds, and just fastens for the ground with four fasteners. It can be positioned on a dock higher than the lake which makes it a great addition to cottages, cabins and houses positioned on the water. kohls 30 off

But not everyone is experts or professionals of these things. There are many people who find themselves novices who are a lot considering these toys and like to upgrade their existing once to better, much more functional equipment. So, if you are wanting to acquire one yourself and for another person like a gift, there are many things which you will need to consider and understand before you purchase one.

You travel by car, bus or train and even by air. Therefore if the travel is way too long, kids could get bored and can not like the break at all. Children get excited very early, nevertheless the excitement will fizzle out should they become bored before reaching the destination itself. So better equip yourself with the best of traveling games for kids which might be ideal for their ages. If you are traveling you are able to ask the youngsters to learn the license plate game, bubble gum blowing contest, puzzles games, play cards, string figures, jokes, magnetic board games, counting things of roads, scavenger hunt, alphabet game, etc. If you are traveling by air, then a situation is unique. You are stuck inside much more time. Therefore you need games like snakes and ladders, checkers, crazy eights, old maid, handmade cards, etc.

The mass creation of Nitro powered toys is not a century old thing. As a matter of fact, it's very a brand new activity. Most helicopter manufacturers utilize the shapes, designs, and also other top features of the conventional helicopters as cause of making these toys. This makes it easier for shoppers to get their most favorite one from any toy store or shop. This has ended up being a selling point for that small machines. Most of the popular toy helicopter models are mini helicopters that are made with all the concept.

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By Andy Osborne, Consultancy Director, Acumen Author of Practical Business Continuity Management

I've just finished doing one of those straightforward "I'll knock that off in a day or two" type 

jobs. It only took me seven days. Over a period of four and a half weeks. The last stint used up pretty much the whole of my weekend. As a result, I now have the backache from hell, serious hockey withdrawal symptoms and a bad case of boarder's knee. That's floorboarder's, rather than snowboarder's, knee by the way - I don't think they suffer particularly from sore knees, although most of them must suffer terrible frostbite of the derrière from all that sitting in the snow, but that's another story (see "Ski boots and celery").


You may have heard the terms “public cloud” and “private cloud,” but what does it all mean? What happens when you combine the two to create the mysterious “hybrid cloud?”

Large corporations with the monetary resources available to build, develop and manage a server infrastructure most often use private cloud services. While obviously more expensive, a private cloud gives the builder complete control over the infrastructure and surrounding environment. It is important to note that those in charge of such a solution must be extremely skilled and confident in running a massive environment.

Most small to medium-sized businesses opt for a public cloud environment. This type of cloud offers web‐based applications and other cloud services. The hardware and operating systems are not owned by the client, but instead rented through a third-party vendor (a cloud hosting provider). One disadvantage to this solution is that the data is not stored locally; instead, data is stored and managed by the provider.

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So you have planned.  You have a strategy.  You are ready.

Are you really?

Sure you have done planned testing.  But... people knew it was coming.   You probably made all the plans for your test weeks in advance.  You knew where you were going, when your were going and who was responsible for what.  That hardly seems fair.  That is not going to happen in real life.


The phenomenon of cloud computing has been a trending topic for the past few years. As the technology improves, companies are increasingly coming to rely on cloud hosting capabilities and the countless benefits it offers. You may just be surprised by the various industries that have much to gain by adopting the cloud.

The need and demand for education will never decrease, and is actually one of the fastest‐growing industries in the world. By incorporating cloud services into the everyday business routine, educators will be able to host classes remotely, interact on a more personal level in online classes, and collaborate with peers and students with greater ease.

Modern technology within the healthcare industry is astonishing, and by utilizing cloud servers, medical professionals can easily access medical reports, give patients thorough advice and discuss administrative business with office staff.

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Я удостоверилась в нужности ушу на своем собственном сынишке. Немного времени назад мой сын был совсем изнеженным, малосильным, застенчивым ребенком. Он уважительно раскланивался с пенсионерками на лавочках, но нечасто ходил играть с ровесниками. Если и ходил, то возвращался приунывшим, а бывало и синяках.



The relocation of your company’s technical infrastructure to the cloud may appear to be a frightening one—every aspect of your technology will need to be adjusted to appropriately reflect its new location. However, there is good news: according to a recent article in CIO, more than half of businesses are moving their capabilities to the cloud, and the majority of these companies are noticing increased profit.

One of the core reasons cloud solutions save customers money is because companies no longer need to utilize resources such as manpower (and the salary to fuel this manpower) to keep their infrastructure running. A cloud server will practically run itself, since there is no complex architecture to maintain.

Money that is saved through the use of a cloud server can be turned back around and invested in increasing employee count, raising current wages and promoting an innovative environment.

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If you are new to the cloud hosting industry, you may be slightly confused by the variety of options available regarding cloud storage. You may keep hearing the term “cloud computing” and not quite understanding what it means. You may not even be sure if the cloud is just hype. Choosing a cloud hosting provider can be difficult, but with just a few tips, you will be fast on your way to your new host.

Do I need my data in a specific location? While many initially believe that the cloud is actually an invisible force located high above our heads, the cloud actually serves as a platform hosted in a number of data centers. If you work in an industry where the location the data resides is important, you should look for a provider who provides the option of controlling the location of the cloud.

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Each day on the news, there is a new headline regarding a large corporation that has had its website intruded by anonymous hackers who have released a surprisingly large amount of personal information. The first step to maintaining a large website is to understand the fundamentals of network security.

For any large business with multiple cloud servers, perhaps the most critical step to take is to install a firewall between the cloud server and the Internet itself. Firewalls can be configured to restrict the flow of traffic and examine the websites visited by traffic. Malicious users can be easily thwarted.


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10 powodów dla których należałoby wstąpić IndieIndie, brzeżek o bogatej kulturze, dziedzictwu, zabytków, architektury, świątynie co więcej samorzutnego piękna, jest jednym spośród najniezwyklej szukanych turystycznym świata. Istnieje co niemiara powodów, które sprawiają, że Indie jednym z najgorętszych miejsc podróży i wypoczynku. co więcej pokoje ustroń gościnność świadczonych dzięki obywateli Indii do turystów jest niesamowite, w dni siła robocza I wierzą "Atithi Devo Bhawa", goście są jak Bóg. B moja różne odcienie w zakresie kultury, tradycji, kuchni, wyrazów, religii, krajobrazy, peregrynacja do Indii, jest fascynujące. Mówiąc: całość w różnorodności ano ustroń alleluja wieczorkiem jest prawdziwe, jak mówimy o Indiach.Indie mają wiele miejsc wypoczynkowych i miejscach turystycznych oferujących co niemiara kuchni, rozrywki co więcej worldclass opieki zdrowotnej. I co więcej bez liku hoteli oraz kurortów w Indiach wszystkich budżetów z najważniejszych gościnności co więcej gości stosunków.

Aby zwiedzić Indie, Istnieje kilka rodzajów Indii travel oferty dostępne ażeby turystów krajowych co więcej zagranicznych dodatkowo da się zarezerwować niejaki z nich w zależności od czasu subiektywnych preferencji.A zaistnieją niezliczone powody podróży do Indii, po 10 różnych rodzajów Indie wczasów można ocenić odkrywać i przeżywać różnych przymiotów kraju:1. A Turystyka: Jeśli lubisz sporty radykalne odpuszczać w takich jak rafting, wspinaczkę, paralotniarstwo, wspinaczka górska, kawaleria na nartach i kempingu, Rishikesh, Darjeeling i wzgórza północnych Indiach dlatego idealne miejsca ażeby Ciebie.2. Wildlife wycieczki: I wiele parków narodowych i rezerwatów przyrody co więcej rezerwatów ptaków w Indiach, które są niesamowite co więcej fascynujące dla turystów przyjeżdżających na imprezy integrcyjne wstydliwą wycieczkę.3. P Tour: R jest rajem ażeby tych z duchowych poszukiwań. Rishikesh jest również atrakcyjny ze swoich sesji joginy co więcej jest znanym środek jogi i medytacji. Świątynie co więcej inne zabytki sakralne w Indiach są idealne Ustroń dla tych, którzy szukają spokoju.4. Miłośnicy plażowania mogą mieć ano niezapomniane wczasy w osobliwych miejscach nasłonecznionych, piaszczystych plaż Goa. Plaże w Kerali, Chennai co więcej wiele innych wybrzeży południowych I są również spektakularne.5. rzeźby i architektury świątyń Khajuraho świątyni Konark co więcej minionych obrazów co więcej Ajanta i Ellora w jaskiniach są wizualne uczta.6. D miłośników historii, są liczne zabytki, a dodatkowo ruiny wspaniałych zabytków, Świątynie, zamki, pałace i architektury.7. Ayurveda T: Ayurvedic zdrowia i malownicze czar turystyki Kerala jest idealnym miejscem na wycieczki A.8. naturalne piękno pokoje co więcej poetyczne widoki Indii są bogate w słońcu skąpane plaże, ośnieżone szczyty górskie, kompaktowe lasy, kolorowe co więcej inspirujące flory co więcej fauny, wzgórza i kotliny dzikich zwierząt, które sprawiają, I ekskursja prawdziwa uczta dla miłośników przyrody. Stacje wzgórza gdy Ooty, Simla co więcej D to idealne miejsca na odpoczynek i odmłodzenie.9. niezliczone sztuki co więcej rzemiosła, sztuki ludowej, sztuki i tradycyjnych plemiennych, krosnach ręcznych co więcej innych niezwykłych i porywających kawałków indyjskich artefaktów doprowadzić do realizacji Indie rajem dla miłośników zakupów.10. M, ale nie najmniej, wargi manto indyjskie dary nieba jest nadprzyrodzone, jako że spełnia nie na to samo swoje kubki smakowe, aliści dodatkowo swoją gotuję. Lokalne zioła co więcej przyprawy zwiększenia zapachu tych pysznych palet z kuchni.I bez liku touroperatorzy i biura podróży, które proponują różnego rodzaju kultowych pakietów turystycznych, takich w czas wycieczki kulturalne, wycieczki, zwiedzanie przyrody A, Północne Indie podróży, I Południowe wycieczek, podróży spuścizna, ajurwedyjski wycieczek, Golden Tours trójkąt, Tour co więcej wiele więcej. Pomagają również w rezerwacji Indie loty, I podróż wygodne i bezproblemowe. Więc wyłowić najważniejszy tobół co więcej zająć wycieczkę I teraz do zegnania ferii zimowych w Indiach.Indie wycieczka spomiędzy pewnością będzie udany, dlatego że spomiędzy wielu atrakcji i wspaniałych miejsc. P nie może podsumować szamie w słowa i ostać się wierną jednostkę kraju, musieć nadejść i żyć magię I.

K w Ustroniu jest niezapomniany. Turyści zazwyczaj przyjeżdża do Włoch do znanych miejsc. A skutkiem tego powinny faktycznie. Rzym jest prawdopodobnie kolebką noclegi ustroń zachodniej kultury spomiędzy tak wielu zabytków oraz dźwięki, że tydzień w takim przypadku zbytnio mało, iżby widzieć i dochować się w takim przypadku wszystko. Wenecja jest Wenecja. Nie ma Ustroń alleluja wieczorkiem donikąd dosyć tego w czasie dlatego w świecie. Florencja i całej Toskanii jest zanurzone w tradycji, wspaniałej kuchni co więcej pięknej sztuki. Neapol co więcej Amalfi coast są na swój sposób spektakularny.Jednym spośród miejsc, które nie wykraczają jest Ligurii. D skutkiem tego, że jest tajemnicą, że Włosi zostały toczenia ażeby siebie. J Nie więcej.Liguria jest 315 km przybrzeżna pasmo, jaki działała spomiędzy La Spezia aż do Francji spomiędzy Genui w charakterze jego stolicy co więcej naczelnego miasta. I pas wybrzeża jest tak To, co się myśli. J wciśniętym między Apeniny CO WIĘCEJ Alpy I bezdno spomiędzy górami zbliża powyżej i fantastycznie pięknym Morzem Liguryjskim Deep Blue.

Błogosławiony spomiędzy łagodnym klimatem dzięki pokoje kompletny dwanaście miesięcy sprawia, że ​​To idealne miejsce do odwiedzenia dzięki cały dwanaście miesięcy, J w szczególności w miesiącach letnich, ze względu na mile fantastycznych plaż i wspaniałego morza, w którym kąpać się.Pozostała ustęp tego tekstu poświęcona będzie nakłonić noclegi Państwa aż do spędzenia następujących wakacji zbyt granicą, w tym fantastycznym placu zabaw. J kuchni doskonały pociągania w pięknych zabytków pijąc karo, pływanie w pięknym głębokim błękitnym oceanem i przeżywania miejsc, że niektóre spomiędzy poetów, takich jak Byron, Keats, Ezra Pound I Shelley tak bardzo kochał.G masz ochotę na Wakacje na plaży L jest rzeczywiście Włosi ulubionym miejscem niedaleko całego wybrzeża To seria pięknych plaż, które zezwalają na kąpiel w ciepłym morzu i bezpieczeństwa. B jest głębokie niebieskie, gdyż to się nader głęboko mocno szybko, na rowie spada dala spadają gdy góry, które krosna nad nim.P chcesz zajrzeć globtroter To Liguria obfituje. Istnieje tzw Cinque Terre (pięć ziemie) Tzw ażeby pięciu miast, które pojawiają się niepewnie zachowają się na skałach ponad morzem. Prawie szkolenia niewykonalne, w celu osiągnąć się lubą lądową Jest wspaniałym kolejowe, które podłączyć pięć i można wskoczyć I zwolnić się posiadające w jednej miejscowości aperitif, antipasta w następnym, P, Carne lub Pesce jak ryby jest specjalnością regionu) w po 2 I wreszcie obserwować fatygowanie słońca ponad M Liguryjskim popijając kawę w ostatniej spomiędzy pięciu wiosek.Tutaj Jest światowej sławy Zatoki Poetów. J To imię regionu L Spezia, jak na przestrzeni wieków wielu słynnych Poetów przyjeżdżają T, by aresztować się na chwilę i przebywał na wieki.J, O tak żywności. To J swobodnie przyznał, że włoskie J jest znakomite, W z pasją I radością, a wykonane aż do spożycia I napełniał I Ligurii żywności Nie J wyjątkiem. T dokąd Pesto został po raz pierwszy i To, dokądże Włosi, którzy kochają Dolce Vita przybyć na koniec tygodnia albo tydzień.Kartki wesele z noclegiem ustroń bez opłat ażeby siebie do hotelu Ligurii mogą mieścić się spełniane zbyt pośrednictwem Liguria Pocket.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a great solution for those whose needs and expectations are not met by shared hosting or whose website has outgrown their shared hosting plan. Virtual Private Servers provide users with root-level access to the server, while still keeping the ease and simplicity of a shared hosting account.  Essentially, VPS is like a dedicated server, except that you “own” only part of the server’s resources.

You may ask, why not choose dedicated server hosting then? Businesses who choose VPS hosting usually cannot afford dedicated servers, but would like more from their hosting services than provided by shared hosting. While dedicated servers are a big financial and technical investment, VPS offers an “in between” option between this and shared hosting - complete with technical support and no requirement to own the hardware.

A few benefits of VPS hosting include:


The business world today is all about staying current and competitive in your industry. As your small business looks to the future, consider these tech upgrades to help your business remain up to date and competitive in today's market. The following suggestions are relatively easy and affordable for most small businesses to implement:

Ensure Your Internet Speed is Up To Par

As a growing small business in today's world of instant information, optimal connectivity is essential, no matter the industry you are in. Make sure your Internet is fast, and don't be afraid to invest in it because a faster Internet helps increase productivity and efficiency. It can also mean faster upload and download speeds.


For both small- and large-scale businesses, there appears to be a growing trend: executives are adopting cloud computing into their everyday activities with little to no aid from their in‐house IT departments.  In fact, the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is changing at a rapid pace due to the quick evolution of cloud computing and cloud hosting

Since the introduction of the computer, IT departments have been tasked with fixing various infrastructure issues regarding storage, email and accessibility.  As cloud technology evolves, it would appear that these positions are also evolving; the use of applications such as Dropbox and Google Apps have virtually eliminated these issues, allowing IT employees to work on more critical problems.

CIOs who can see the growing benefits that cloud adoption offers are the ones who will be most successful in the future, as the deliberate non‐adoption of such technology is not only bad for business, but has negative effects for employees who wish to adopt the technology in their daily business routine.


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The word “downtime” is one that the customer of any hosting provider dreads to hear. It is used to explain the common occurrence in which a server or website hosted on that server is busy or unavailable as a result of scheduled maintenance or even a system failure. Any time a server is down, all the information you have stored on the server—whether it is an application, a website, or files—will also be down. 

One of the most notable benefits of cloud hosting is the fact that downtime in the cloud is virtually eliminated. Cloud solutions are extremely reliable, and if a cloud server does happen to go down, it is often only for a few seconds. Cloud service providers have back-up systems that kick in when the main server experiences problems.