Below we have taken the BC Planning Model from DRI International and have found articles we've published over the years to help explain each step a little further.  DRI International also offers in depth training courses which follow right along with this planning model as well.  To find out more about these classes head to their website at

Business Continuity Planning Model Provided by DRI International
1.PROJECT INITIATION PHASE (Objectives and Assumptions) 
A.Problem Definition - Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity 
B.Business Continuity Objective(s) and Requirements 
C.Business Continuity Definitions, Terms and Assumptions 
D.Scope and Cost of Business Continuity Project 
E.Business Continuity Steering Committee 
F.Business Continuity Policies 

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2.FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS PHASE (Fact Gathering, Alternatives, and Decisions by Management) 
A.Risk Analysis (RA) and Controls 
B.Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Time-Sensitive Business Functions 
C.Alternative Business Continuity Strategy(ies) 
D.Cost-Benefit Analysis and Selected Strategy(ies) 
E.Business Continuity Program Budget 

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3.DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT PHASE (Designing the Plan) 
A.Plan Scope and Objectives 
B.Business Recovery Organization (BRO) and Responsibilities (Recovery Team Concept) 
C.Major Plan Components - format and structure 
D.Scenario to Execute Plan 
E.Escalation, Notification and Plan Activation 
F.Vital Records and Off-Site Storage Program 
G.Personnel Control Program 
H.Data Loss Limitations 
I.Plan Administration (general) 

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4.IMPLEMENTATION PHASE (Creating the Plan) 
A.Emergency Response Procedures (evacuation) 
B.Command, Control and Emergency Operations Center (Crisis Management) 
C.Delegation/Designation of Authority 
D.Emergency Response Linkage to Business Recovery 
E.Detailed Resumption, Recovery and Restoration Procedures 
F.Vendor Contracts and Purchase of Recovery Resources 

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5.TESTING and EXERCISING PHASE (Post Implementation Plan Review) 
A.Exercise Program and Objectives 
B.Exercise Plans, Scenarios and Actual Exercises 
C.Plan (Exercise) Evaluation 
D.Training, Corporate Awareness Program(s) and Vehicles for Dissemination 

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6.MAINTENANCE and UPDATING PHASE (Updating the Plan)
A.Schedules and Budgets for Update and Maintenance Activities 
B.Software Tools for Update and Maintenance 
C.Review Criteria 
D.Program Status, Reporting and Audits 
E.Plan Distribution and Security 

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7.EXECUTION PHASE (Declare Disaster and Execute
Recovery Operations

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