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Nov 14

Only the Best of the Best

Posted by: Jarrett F Potts in DRJ Blogs

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Jarrett F Potts
STORServer takes it to a whole new level

What happens when you combine the best hardware in the industry and the industry leading data protection software in the industry?  Simple, you get the best data protection solution in the world. 


CommVault has been an industry leader for years and has lead the Gartner Magic Quadrant over the likes of IBM, EMC and Symantec. Combine that with the easy to use, easy to understand data protection product they have developed makes them a logical choice for customers looking to manager the protection of their data.


STORServer chose to partner with CommVault because end users demand a high quality product with industry leading features/functions while also getting the flexibility to change their data protection schemas to include new technologies.


For example, when a user wants to recover a file they simply have to log into the original device, open the CommVault application and follow the prompts.   WRONG.  While that is the traditional option CommVault allows a user to log into any device (iOS and android included) and recover that file.  A user could pull up a report on an iPad or iPhone when at lunch.  This brings the mobility of data to a whole new level.


Another great example is archiving.  CommVault’s technology lets you manage data from the time it is created 9born) to the time it is deleted (dies) .  While other products do this as well, CommVault does this for flat file systems and applications such as Exchange without having to require a second product or set of products.  The process of moving data forward in time is something that CommVault does very well and they do not require a different GUI or product to do it.


If you add in the appliance model that STORServer is famous for and you get a total solution that makes data protection less of a pain and more of a pleasure.  STORServer take the hardware, the software and the customers expectations and aligns them by doing the install, configuration and installation without any add on time or services. 


The guesswork of knowing if the hardware will scale or even support the infrastructure is gone.  All the STORServer solutions at preinstalled, preconfigured and certified by both IBM and CommVault.


This new marriage between CommVault and STORServer is a win win for everyone involved.  CommVault gets a better appliance to round out their product offering.  STORServer gets to add CommVault as the backend engine that drives the hardware and the customer gets the best of both worlds