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I want to work in Emergency Management in some manner. How can I get started?

I suggest looking into the FEMA Independent Study Courses.

~ Stacie J Herzog, CBCP, MBCI

Each state maintains a website with information about your Emergency Management Association.  The home page will provide you with information about Events, Online Training classes and various links that will help you gain an understanding of your state requirements.  In addition, view the FEMA website for valuable information about the Federal Emergency Management Association and classes that are available to expand your knowledge in this field.

~ Colleen Huber, CBCP,MBCI,CBRM
Manager, BCP & IT Development

Can you provide some ideas on a career path in the data center operations profession?

As a former Data Center Manager, I can say that the Data Center Operations role is often seen as an entry level position. And while there are portions of the job that can be considered routine, the position is often undervalued. Working in DC Ops requires a broad understanding of an organizations technical portfolio. What apps do you use? What hardware does it run on? Honestly evaluate your knowledge in each of those areas and begin building on your current foundation. It also doesn't hurt to get to know the team sitting in that role. Tour the facility whenever possible and make sure they know who you are and your interest in becoming a member of the team. Perseverance can occasionally compensate for a slight lack of experience.

~ Patrick Ridder, MBCP, MBCI, CHPCP  
ISO 22301 Lead Auditor

Can you provide some ideas on a career path in the business continuity management profession?

You've phrased this question suggesting that a "formal" career path actually exists. By comparison to many professional responsibilities, Business Continuity Management or BCM is relatively new. Many of us in this role just weren't smart enough to say no. Seriously though, speaking for myself, I tended to be the guy that would do whatever no one else wanted to do. I took on unpleasant tasks which provided me a great background in turnaround management. Making poorly producing departments successful. Writing policy, interacting with upstream and downstream neighbors and developing a broad understanding of your organization all help in moving you toward a role in this field. And don't overlook the training that's available. Find your local ACP Chapter and become a member. Network yourself and find a mentor. Stay focused and be tenacious, all qualities you'll need to be successful in your chosen role.

~ Patrick Ridder, MBCP, MBCI, CHPCP
ISO 22301 Lead Auditor


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