I have been hearing a lot about ISO certifications and my manager asked me to do some research on the topic. What are the benefits of pursuing a certification for the organization? Which certifications are the most recognized?

This is a tough one.  Make the effort to research what is involved with ISO certification and investigate why the organization is considering certification.  Audit?  Reputation?  Bragging rights?  Insurance?

~ Beth Epstein, MA, CBCP, MBCI

Organizational certifications indicate that you've taken all the necessary steps to embrace an industry standard. An organization making a commitment to this depth has taken the necessary steps to help ensure their commitment will outlast the individual contributers or management. To Beth's point, you should also understand WHY you're considering certification first. Once you're ready to commit, the standards align with specific disciplines within an organization. Areas such as BCM, Data Security, Supply Chain and others all have specific standards that can provide certification options. The International Standards Organization (ISO) is well recognized and provides (for a fee) comprehensive and well documented standards for consideration.

~ Patrick Ridder, MBCP, MBCI, CHPCP
ISO 22301 Lead Auditor


What conferences do you see as the best learning and networking experience for my career in business continuity?
  • DRJ (http://www.drj.com/)
  • Continuity Insights (http://www.continuityinsights.com)
  • CPM (http://contingencyplanning.com)

~ Beth Epstein, MA, CBCP, MBCI


~ Stacie J Herzog, CBCP, MBCI

What certifications do you see as the most valuable to my career in information security?

The most popular site for certification is http://www.isaca.org

~ Beth Epstein, MA, CBCP, MBCI

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