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DR Rules & Regulations

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Note: A Special Thank you DRJ's Editorial Advisory Board for their incredible efforts to identify and compile this information.

  *UPDATED - September, 2015

Rules & Regulations … Are Your Friend

By Martin Myers, MBCP

Yes, that is correct, I strongly believe that we professionals working within the professions of Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, or other related field of endeavor, should see rules and regulations as a friend.  You might say, ‘No way Martin, that is crazy talk, rules and regulations are a burden”, but consider for a moment a quotation from Zig Ziglar, author, salesman, and motivational speaker:

"Stop selling. Start helping."

Often, much of our time is spent selling to those uninitiated in field of BC/DR.  Whether they be executives, clients, or peers, they may feel the heavy weight of a rule or regulation pressuring them to comply. They may be under duress due to an audit, past or pending. Their pain may be very real, and they want relief.

That is where the BC/DR profession comes to their aid. Properly armed with knowledge and experience you don’t need to sell as much as offer assistance in helping them accomplish what they have been tasked with, that is meeting the requirement of a rule or regulation. So, truly, as Mr. Ziglar said, “Stop selling. Start helping."

This list of Rules & Regulations are here for your use, to aid you in knowing where you can help within your organization. Feel free to read, download and use our list of rules & regulations. It was created by BC/DR professionals for BC/DR professionals.

This Rules & Regulations list is one of the most popular features on the DRJ website. You may have noticed, that is, if you are a regular visitor to our page that the Rules & Regulations Committee of the DRJ’s Editorial Advisory Board work to have our list updated every six months. This is to coincide with the each of the semi-annual DRJ conferences.

The DRJ’s Rules & Regulations data base is intended to provide a singular resource where the most complete and comprehensive list or BC-related rules and regulations may be found. This can only be accomplished with you help. If you find a new regulation, please send it to us. Should you think of a way to enhance this list, please let us know.

excel-logo.jpgDownload the Spreadsheet  (MS Excel: for Excel versions 2007 and later.)

excel-logo.jpgDownload the Spreadsheet  (MS Excel: compatible with MS Excel 1997 to 2003)

pdf-logo.jpgDownload the PDF  (PDF File)

Note: If a network or firewall issue prevents you from downloading the Spreadsheet or PDF please email drj@drj.com

Acknowledgements: 2015 DRJ EAB Rules & Regulations Working Committee Members: Robbie Atabaigi (KPMG, LLC), Winston Clarke (Carefirst BCBS / Service Benefit Plan Administrative Services Corp.), Joshua Haravay (Virginia Info Tech Agency (VITA), Colleen Huber (Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation) Dave Shimberg (CIT Group), Lisa Smallwood (Hewlett-Packard Company), Nadine Williams-Edwards (Kronos Cloud / DR Program Office).

Committee Chair: Martin Myers, MS, MBCP, CERT, is an independent business consultant, disaster recovery and crisis management, currently contracting through Forsythe Solutions Group. He has over 25 years of experience in developing and evaluating business continuity and disaster recovery governance programs, and implementations. He has worked with prominent domestic and international companies which include Bank of America, CapitalOne, KPMG, HP, Duke Energy, Nextel, T-Mobile, Carnival Cruise Lines, International Paper, McCormick, and SAIC. His work has taken him throughout the U.S., and to Canada, Bermuda, Panama, Costa Rica, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. Myers is a former president of the DRJ Editorial Advisory Board, and continues to serve as a board member.