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Spring Journal

Volume 28, Issue 2

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Generally Accepted Practices

GAPThe Generally Accepted Business Continuity Practices Committee (GAP) maintains the Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) document which is a collection of business continuity best practices designed and organized to correlate with the DRII Professional Practices and the BCI Good Practice Guidelines.

The GAP document was originally completed in 2008, by 10 individual sub-committees of seasoned business continuity professionals from the DRJ Editorial Advisory Board and partner organizations (ARMA, DRII, FSTC and NFPA). These professionals were from both the public and private sectors.

The mission of the GAP Committee is: “To be recognized as a leading source of ‘sound’ Generally Accepted Practices by providing a depository of knowledge and recommendations offered by skilled business continuity practitioners.”

The GAP Committee welcomes your feedback, which can be sent via email to drj.com.

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  1. Project Initiation and Management
  2. Risk Evaluation and Control
  3. Business Impact Analysis
  4. Developing Business Continuity Strategies
  5. Emergency Response and Operations
  6. Developing Business Continuity
  7. Training and Awareness
  8. Maintaining and Exercising Business Continuity Plans
  9. Public Relations and Crisis Communications
  10. Coordination with Public
  11. Bibliography

Download the Appendices Here (Word Docs)