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Employee Safety Critical Communication Best Practices

wp-everbridgeSponsored by Everbridge

Keeping employees safe should be one of the main goals of any organization. Whether the threat is a severe storm on the way or a possible shooter employees should be informed about all things that could endanger them. In this white paper, Employee Safety: Critical Communication Best Practices, learn about key recommendations to consider when deploying a critical communication system to improve employee safety.

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Targeting Employees with Location-Based Notifications

wp-everbridgeSponsored by Everbridge

Workplace mobility is on the rise, which means organizations likely have an increasing number of employees who travel or work from home creating unique communication challenges. During emergencies and other critical incidents one of the major worries for organizations is employee safety regardless if they are at the office or not. How can you ensure that employees get the right message at the right time when they could be in danger?

In this white paper Targeting Employees with Location-Based Notifications learn how to:

  • Gather accurate employee data
  • Use custom maps to send targeted notifications to employees
  • Keep employees up-to-date about critical incidents and other threats that could endanger them

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Identifying and Responding to Threats

wp-everbridgeSponsored by Everbridge

Hurricanes, bombings, power outages and infrastructure events remind us that all organizations are vulnerable to threats. How can effective incident monitoring processes help you better anticipate prepare for and respond to risks and improve corporate resiliency? In this paper global risk analysis experts from NC4 share best practices for incident monitoring tips for effectively managing the impact of incidents and guidance on how to incorporate incident notification into your critical communication strategy.

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Continuous Avaiability Mission Critical Apps

wp-artisan-infrastructureSponsored by Artisan Infrastructure

When it comes to extending the benefits of server virtualization to their mission critical business applications, many organizations often struggle with how to re-architect their environment and strike the right balance between performance, scalability, manageability and most importantly, high availability and disaster recovery. This white paper outlines many of the common deployment scenarios that such organizations face and describes how Neverfail Business Continuity Management can be used to deliver a more complete, consistent and cost effective availability solution for mission-critical, business applications.

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Buyers Guide Choosing The Right BC Technology

wp-artisan-infrastructureSponsored by Artisan Infrastructure

There are a myriad of technologies offering different approaches to data protection, application availability, high availability and disaster recovery. These technologies typically have at least one thing in common: they are IT-based solutions that are built to protect IT assets. When it comes to business continuity, it is imperative that choosing the right solution is a business decision based on the level of risk and disruption that can be tolerated by the different parts of the business. This paper explores some of the factors which will govern the selection of the right solutions to deliver an appropriate solution for business continuity.

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Common DR Plan Misconceptions

wp-artisan-infrastructureSponsored by Artisan Infrastructure

Outages do not discriminate. Not having had an outage for a year (or even ten years) does not mean you are any less vulnerable than anyone else. An outage may be nothing more than a wrinkle in your day or it can end your business in one fell swoop. This paper discusses four primary misconceptions regarding a disaster recovery plan, and their corrective actions.

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A BCM Professional’s Playbook on Converging Business Continuity & Risk Management

White Paper ThumbnailStrategic BCP

Discover a better way to address key business continuity standards and guidelines that are so important for compliance and better continuity plans. Harness the power of the original BCP Genome™ to strengthen your own planning and compliance practices—whether you adopt its framework as is, or adapt its logic to create your own framework. Also, compare eight leading industry standards—ISO22301, FFIEC, NFPA, NIST, HIPAA, and more—to identify their strengths and gaps relative to program organization, management, training, and audit vs. emergency facilities or business and IT recovery.



Best Practices in Using a Notification System

wp-mir3Sponsored by MIR3, Inc.

When a crisis strikes, you need to alert your stakeholders. And if you want to control your message, you need to get that information out as fast as, or faster, than anyone else. With the growth of social media, that’s not always easy. By preparing your message and using your notification system more effectively, your organization will stand the best chance of surviving a crisis. Regardless of how you use notification today, this paper will show you how get more from the system you already have.

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The BCM Professional's Playbook: Convergence of Business Continuity & Risk Management

White Paper ThumbnailSponsored by Strategic BCP

The demands placed upon Business Continuity, Risk Management, and Disaster Recovery professionals increase every day. As a result, organizations need to reassess their approach Business Continuity Management. If they don't, they'll get left behind, affected by continued adherence to outdated methods. The convergence of these disciplines is ongoing. Emerging regulations, frameworks, and standards place greater emphasis on risk management. As decision makers accept this evolution, Business Continuity increasingly becomes a subset of Risk Management. How the process is implemented—the value it brings a risk-based model—determines whether or not the process is a sound.

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Exploring the Business Continuity Software Market

White Paper ThumbnailSponsored by Clearview

ClearView Continuity is a UK based supplier of specialist business continuity software. Re-launched in 2010, it has seen rapid global growth with collaborators and clients in all parts of the world, from Australia to South Africa, South East Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Europe and the US. The global network of collaborators enables ClearView to provide 24/7 global support for its clients, who range from the largest global financials to more modest single-country organizations. Clearview does not place restrictions on user numbers or functionality which means that all clients benefit from the same powerful functionality.

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Is Business Continuity Certification Right For your Organization?

White Paper ThumbnailSponsored by Avalution

This white paper analyzes the business case for pursuing organizational business continuity certification, including what it takes to complete the certification process and how best to begin preparing.



Designing a Business Continuity Training Program to Maximize Value & Minimize Cost

White Paper ThumbnailSponsored by Avalution

Business continuity is a key component of an organization's risk management program. However, employees (ranging from executives to the general employee population), partners and customers are often unaware of the existence of the program or their role within the business continuity effort. Can management rely on a business continuity program if key stakeholders are unaware of their response and recovery responsibilities? No. And, as a result, the time and resources invested in the planning effort are often wasted.

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Unitrends Backup & Recovery Solutions and Disaster Recovery Best Practices: Hurricane Preparedness

White Paper ThumbnailSponsored by Unitrends

The ability of your business to respond to a disaster depends on how well your IT organization can address specific situations. While you can only plan for so much in the way of detail, you can understand and anticipate both the likelihood and ramifications of certain types of disasters, and use this knowledge to plan your response and thus expedite the disaster recovery process.

In this case, let's take a look at the threat of a hurricane…