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May 14

Scalability–You grow, it grows!

Posted by: Jarrett F Potts in DRJ Blogs

Jarrett F Potts

When keeping pace with growing data, a major concern for IT organizations, in terms of both storage and data protection is how the data protection solution will handle the growth.

If your business has grown its capacity by 40-60 percent in each of the past three years, and it now supports billions of data objects, you need a solution that grows with you. This growing of capacity may be outpacing your data protection solution and you may need to find a way to scale your protection.

This growth can be handled, but the scaling must be done in a logical manner. There are three ways to do this:

1.     Scale out. By that, the industry usually means that new hardware and software will be added as further resources to handle the load from the growth. This involves a significant investment in new resources.

2.     Scale up. This is where you add new software on existing servers, such as creating a second copy of an application on existing hardware. While this does cut the cost of new hardware, it assumes that the existing hardware can handle the load. 

3.     Invest in a product that grows with you. I call this “scale in.” If you can find a data protection solution that grows as you grow, then you have hit pay dirt. There is usually no additional investment involved, however, you must have 20/20 foresight. You need to have a solution on hardware that will grow into the future and software with proven ability that shows it has historically grown at the same pace or better than your company’s growth.

When choosing a product for data protection, decide up front if you want to scale up, out or in. That up front decision will dramatically change the amount you spend in years three and five.

 Think about it.