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Dec 25

School Children, Teachers, Firefighters and Cops - It Hurts

Posted by: Dr Tom Phelan in DRJ Blogs

Dr Tom Phelan

Children have been senselessly murdered along with school personnel, including at least a teacher and a principal.  Firefighters and cops have been ambushed.  Both incidents show the limitations of emergency planning.  As a school teacher and administrator for better than 25 years, and an instructor of firefighters and law enforcement officers at colleges and police academies, I have felt the hurt and the anguish of the most recent events.  You must have, too.

Some of you have written about your experience in business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning, not fully recognizing the lack of such plans in many schools.  I have read your comments and felt your pain.

Now we are witnesses to a debate over gun control - prohibit some weapons or place armed guards in schools. Why not come together and do both?  My family owns guns, and knows how to use them.  My family also has about five grandchildren in public schools and two at college.  We have all felt the pain of Newtown and now Webster.

We want increased safety through limiting access to assault weapons and large clips. We also want to maintain the right to own and carry weapons.  Uppermost, we want our children and our schools to be safe. We would like everyone to seek a solution that brings us together rather than separates us into factions, fighting over the best way to guarantee safety and freedom. 

BCP practitioners have much to offer.  Contact your local school and offer to help with revising the emergency plan.  Seek ways to fund increased security measures.  Support your local volunteer fire department. They, too need planning and funding.

With my experience in both education and emergency management, please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you in your local efforts.

God bless the children, the educators, the firefighters, the cops, and all their families and communities.

Dr. Tom