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Our prayers and sympathies go out to all of the victms and their families of the tragic terrorist attacks. We applaude the efforts and heroic actions of all the men and women offering their support in this very trying time in our nation!

Below we have listed several articles and websites that may be helpful in regards to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon


DRJ's Newest Special Report on WTC Lessons Learned (Pub. 11/20/01)
High Resolution Format (10.7 MB)
Low Resolution Format (2 MB)


Special Business Recovery Items

KPMG's Business Recovery Checklist
SunGard Planning Solutions Checklist
SunGard's White Paper (PDF from SunGard's Site)

Current Articles in DRJ's Fall 2001 Issue

Terrorist Attacks Have Far Reaching Effects on Businesses
Merrill Lynch Resumes Business Critical Functions Within Minutes of Attack
Industry Vendors Meet Demands of Clients During WTC Event


Presentation on Terrorism by Rich Smith and Lloyd Smith (6.3 Mb - PDF)
Courtesy of Emergency Response Planning

Terrorism Coverage in the United Kingdom



Facing Employee Trauma, Without Warning!

1993 World Trade Center Bombing Articles

The Disaster Threat and Corporate Safety
Thoughts on the Trade Center Bombing
A Top Consultant Discusses the Bombing of the World Trade Center
Electronics/Communications Recovery at the World Trade Center
We are Back in Business!: Cleaning up after the World Trade Center Bombing
No Plan, No Site, No Business

Other DR Sites - Special Sections
Disaster Resource Guide
Gatner Group - Special Aftermath Secction

News Coverage



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