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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Is Rip and Replace the Best Solution?

Written by  KELLY LIPP April 21, 2009

How many times over the last several years have you added some new piece of hardware or software technology to your backup system only to find that nothing really changed -- backups still failed, took too long or did not yield restorable results? How much money was spent patching a system that was fundamentally flawed -- old technology software, inadequate infrastructure, poorly designed in the first place, beyond the original design scope? Most backup solutions were designed many years ago contemplating a different problem than exists today, especially as we plan the move from a physical to a virtual environment. This renders most existing backup solutions obsolete. The problem is, like an incumbent politician, they are very difficult to unseat. Based on my reading and knowledge of technology advances over the last several years, I am guessing that most folks have applied at least one Band-Aid to their system that did


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