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Volume 27, Issue 3

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The Value of Higher Education for the Continuity Professional

Written by  JOHN ORLANDO, Ph.D. April 21, 2009

Business continuity management has rapidly emerged as an important business activity. But because business continuity lacks a traditional mandate within the business world, companies are unsure where it fits within the corporate structure. Is it an IT specialization, an aspect of physical security, or a part of risk management? Without a widely recognized space, business continuity gets placed in different locations in different organizations, often landing wherever space happens to be available. “The IT folks are short a position, let’s put it there;” or better yet, “The security director needs more reports, and the IT director is overloaded, so we’ll put it under security.” This puts the business continuity manager into a difficult position. He or she must develop an enterprise-wide business continuity program, bringing together disparate – if not hostile – elements of the organization into a cooperative program. The business continuity profession must not only manage without authority –


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