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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Convergence of Private and Public

Written by  AL BERMAN, CBCP April 8, 2010

Winston Churchill once said, when speaking of England’s American cousins, that they were “one people separated by a common language.” It seems that those words were never more true when continuity professionals from the private sector interact with their federal, state, or local government counterparts. They are two groups with the same ultimate goal of recovering from disruptions yet often miles apart when discussing the very real issues of continuity, incident management, and resilience. Private sector practitioners are concerned with an ever-demanding customer base, while the public sector professionals have concerns surrounding the operation of government entities. The private sector is concerned with return on investment and the bottom line. The public sector is concerned with being part of responsive government and budgetary constraints. Yet issues of continuity of operations and business resiliency have significant commonality. Regulatory requirements make it necessary to document and put in place procedures that are consistent and repeatable.


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