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SMEs Use Multiple ISPs for Greater Internet Reliability

Written by  MARC GOODMAN April 8, 2010

Small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are finding that without network failover and load balancing, disaster recovery efforts are incomplete as network traffic increases to support customers, partners, headquarters, and remote employees. Many safeguard IT assets by replicating data within specialized storage systems and protect voice communication with new server technology and other telephony infrastructure. However, without network failover and load balancing their efforts are lacking. Just as for Fortune 100 enterprises, large-scale disasters rarely occur – but certainly must to be taken into account – while small service provider outages occur regularly, costing businesses millions of dollars and lost productivity each year. Deploying multiple Internet Services Providers (ISPs) for purposes of disaster recovery allows a company to continue doing business without interruption even during a service provider outage. There are many deployment options available using multiple ISPs. For example, an SME can allocate different ISP connections to different applications. Using this technique, it can set up concurrent voice


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