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Social Networking and BCP

Written by  AL BERMAN, CBCP July 8, 2010

Because of the buzz around it, you are aware that social networking has become the latest means of mass communication. MySpace was the first globally recognized and popular site used initially by young people to socialize with their friends online. This was quickly followed by the popularity of sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These sites are no longer limited to the young generation but used by people of all ages for both business and social networking. However, do they have a place in your plan? The initial thinking on this was “no,” but more recently that thinking has changed to a well-considered “maybe.” Like any other tool you would use to communicate, you must plan for how and under what circumstances you would choose to use this tool. Here are some things to consider: Communications to your Customers – If your company had an account on a social networking site, you


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