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The Exercise of Adult Learning

Written by  THOMAS M. MAGEE July 8, 2010

George Sheehan, physician, author and running enthusiast once said “Exercise is done against one’s wishes and maintained only because the alternative is worse” I think that quote seems to apply equally to the field of emergency management and business continuity. Everyone hates to perform exercises for a variety of reasons but do ever so reluctantly. This reluctance comes from either the anger from one more thing to do in an already compressed schedule or maybe from a fear of the unknown. Exercises shouldn’t be viewed that way. Exercises can be your friend and offer many advantages to an organization. This article will show that in certain clarity how exercises can help your program. Some bosses ask why they have to conduct all these blasted exercises. They have long lists of why they shouldn’t do the exercise – money, time too short, the event will never happen, etc. Nowadays every business needs


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