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Feb 05


Posted by: Skip Williams in DRJ Blogs

Skip Williams

How does watching football on Sunday translate into to-do’s for Monday?  More than 100 million people watched the Super Bowl on Feb 3rd, they were expecting a great game and some good entertainment.  What they got was almost a disaster for CBS.  In the recovery planning business, we are always trying to minimize the likelihood of an incident becoming a disaster.  CBS did an excellent job of this on Sunday.

When the power went out in half of the Superdome and the game was stopped unexpectedly, CBS did a good job of keeping people entertained for the 34-minute delay.  While they likely didn’t plan for the lights going out in half of the building, they did have a contingency plan for the power going out and as a result were able to keep most fans watching the commercials and the announcers.  The numbers aren’t available yet, but they might have sold more commercials because of the extra prime-time viewership the “abnormality” created.

How does this relate to your business?

If you lose power (consistently the biggest threat to business) at your office, plant, etc. are you prepared to maximize the impact and continue with business?  Or are you going to wander around hoping the power will come back on?  With an effective recovery plan in place, you should know exactly what to do immediately after the power goes off.  You don’t have to have the marketing might of CBS, but you also don’t have 100s or millions of people watching your every move on live television.

How does a good recovery plan help business?

A good recovery (such as CBS’s) can actually help market share or increase customers checking out your product.  It was reported the viewership actually went up during/after the outage simply because so many viewers tweeted the outage.  This caused people to tune in simply to see what was going on (everyone likes a incident to rubber-neck).  This increased the total viewers to the broadcast, which will allow CBS to charge more per second for commercials.  Making this a VERY GOOD abnormality for CBS!!

When are you doing your plan?

You saw on Sunday how a good plan helps your business, so why are you waiting to do your plan?  You don’t know when the next power outage is coming and who will tweet about your inability to operate with your usual efficiency!

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