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Jun 05

Support for virtualized environments is key

Posted by: Jarrett F Potts in DRJ Blogs

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Jarrett F Potts

Virtualization technology has helped IT organizations of all sizes reduce costs by improving server utilization and reducing application provisioning times. However, this produces two new problems that most people do not account for when choosing a data protection solution. First, the cost savings offered by virtualization can disappear quickly in the face of virtual machine sprawl. Second, the link between physical and logical devices becomes harder to map and track, making a virtual environment more complex than most can imagine.

Data protection can become a unique challenge in these environments. For example, backing up and restoring data for a dozen or more virtual machines residing on one physical server can bring all other operations on that server to a complete halt.

 ll that being said, when searching for a data protection solution, be sure to investigate whether the product provides an effective solution to this challenge by eliminating the burden of running backups on a virtual machine and instead off-loading backup workloads from a VMware ESX or ESXi-based server to a centralized vStorage backup server. The solution must improve the frequency of protection and enable faster recovery of data, helping increase the business value of virtualization. The solution should also help organizations reduce license management costs by removing agents from the individual virtual machines.

Think before you decide: Do I want my data to manage me or do I want to manage my data?