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Dec 10

Tackling a Few Cloud Computing Concerns

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

Adnan Raja

By far, the biggest concerns surrounding cloud computing are issues regarding security and privacy in the cloud.  The notion of giving up total control of important, sensitive data scares people, as it is no longer “safe” behind the corporate wall.

A lot of people fear that moving their data to be stored offsite will expose it to various risks and security breaches.  However, the cloud is actually a very safe place to store and share data.  Cloud providers offer varying levels of security, but you can also “beef up” your security by various measures such as integrating your encryption key management solution with your cloud management solution.

Privacy is another matter.  If a user can log in from anywhere to access data and applications, it is very possible that their privacy could be compromised.  One way to protect data privacy is to use authentication techniques such as login credentials (usernames and passwords).  Your username and password should be complex and unique for every service or site you use credentials for.  Also, encryption software can be utilized to scramble the user’s credentials so that they are harder to procure.

Have you ever thought about the companies offering cloud computing services?  Because they live and die by their reputations, it truly benefits these cloud hosting companies to have reliable security and privacy measures in place.  It's in their best interest to employ the most sophisticated, advanced techniques to protect their clients' data because otherwise, the cloud hosting companies would lose all their clients.

Above all, you need to be able to trust that your data is secure in order to effectively provide service to your own customers.  Whatever solution that is, whether it involves cloud computing or not, employ the solution that fits your business’ needs.