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Aug 05

The Devil(ed Egg) is in the Detail: Recipe for Disaster Recovery, A Cookbook for building an effective Business Continuity Program

Posted by: Linda Laun in DRJ Blogs

Linda Laun

Food is a universal language. So is man’s need to survive. Whether in the business world or the kitchen we need a simple recipe for business continuity success.  In this four part series I’ll introduce you to the four basic courses necessary when cooking up an appetizing and rewarding business continuity program.   Let's get started... Remember the "devil(ed egg) is in the detail".



Businesses today are more dependent on their information technology than ever before and most need uninterrupted access to critical information and applications in order to achieve their objectives. However, business leaders want to focus on their core business not business continuity and most assume that ‘recovery’ or ‘continuity’ is IT’s problem anyway!  In-house business continuity teams face challenges in gaining the management support needed to adequately develop, implement, test and maintain effective business continuity plans. 


So how do you get business leaders to leave the board room and get busy in the kitchen??


They key is whetting the business’ appetite for business continuity!


Starters: The Devil(ed Egg) is in the Detail




-          Clear business direction on ‘what’s important’


-          Engaged, key decisions makers in Top Management




1.      Select key decision makers across your company. ‘Marinate’ them in the importance and benefits of business continuity until tender. 


2.      Take ‘stock’ of what’s important to your business, your industry and the strategic success of your company.


3.      ‘Whip up’ top management’s excitement to decide which business processes are most likely to contribute to financial impact, reputational harm, and contractual or regulatory breaches.


4.      Focus on what’s important first and let simmer. Iteratively select the next most important and then the next in a time frame the business can manage without things mushrooming out of control.


5.      Serve up the rewards of being confident in your business continuity program to your business leaders, including using business continuity as a competitive differentiator to gain or keep the savvy client.



The world in which today’s companies operate is more complex, interconnected and social than ever. Shifts in the business environment can also introduce new risks and often require implementing new business continuityapproaches. Watch for the next installments to learn more great ‘recipes for recovery’. 


Here is a treat for you to whet your appetite!


Devil is in the Detail Eggs




6 eggs
> ¼ cup mayonnaise
> fresh parsley (optional)




1. Boil the eggs for 7 – 10 minutes until hard.
2. Once cooled, cut the eggs in half and remove the yolk gently with a spoon.
3. Mix some mayonnaise with the yolks.
4. Scoop the yolk/mayo mixture back into the egg halves.
5. Sprinkle with nutmeg and garnish with a bit of parsley. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Linda Laun has successfully performed every facet of the business continuity and resilience process for many small to large businesses across a wide variety of industries and the globe.  Today Linda is responsible for architecting and continually improving IBM’s Global Business Continuity Management System that helps ensure IBM’s 400,000 employees in 170 countries and 1600 locations are always ready to stay productive and continue to serve their customers.