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Feb 22

The Effects of Cloud Adoption on IT Departments

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

Adnan Raja

For both small- and large-scale businesses, there appears to be a growing trend: executives are adopting cloud computing into their everyday activities with little to no aid from their in‐house IT departments.  In fact, the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is changing at a rapid pace due to the quick evolution of cloud computing and cloud hosting

Since the introduction of the computer, IT departments have been tasked with fixing various infrastructure issues regarding storage, email and accessibility.  As cloud technology evolves, it would appear that these positions are also evolving; the use of applications such as Dropbox and Google Apps have virtually eliminated these issues, allowing IT employees to work on more critical problems.

CIOs who can see the growing benefits that cloud adoption offers are the ones who will be most successful in the future, as the deliberate non‐adoption of such technology is not only bad for business, but has negative effects for employees who wish to adopt the technology in their daily business routine.

Years ago, the utilization of a cloud hosting solution was deemed a bold and risky move, as it was difficult to see the benefits of a technology that is actually not visible.  The CIOs who were intimidated by cloud computing and tried to stifle its use are most likely no longer in such a position, as a good CIO must be willing to accept and predict new incoming trends.