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Dec 14

Using Desktop as a Service to Increase Business Continuity

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

Adnan Raja

Desktop as a Service is a relatively new concept in the cloud computing industry.  It is similar to Software as a Service, except it’s not only the software, but the entire desktop environment that is provided as a service.  In essence, the desktop is made available as a service to users, regardless of location or environment.  For example, an employee could work on a client database using his desktop computer and then later, access this same information through his laptop, tablet, or smartphone when he leaves the office.

Desktop as a Service, also known as desktop virtualization, lets users sync their data using a client-server model with all of the computing power coming from the cloud server.  The monitor, laptop, phone, or tablet is simply there to display the information resulting from the processing and to relay information to the server regarding simple control signals, such as the click of a mouse or typing on a keyboard.

So, you may ask how Desktop as a Service can be beneficial for a business?  The answer is simple – it increases business continuity by allowing employees to access data whenever and wherever they want.  Their workflow does not need to be interrupted if they must leave the office for an out of town meeting, as they can easily re-create their office desktop environment on their mobile device.

Desktop as a Service is starting to be considered as the future of office work as our society moves into the digital information age of instant feedback and information always at one’s fingertips.  If you’re a business owner, consider the many options out there to help increase business continuity with cloud hosting as we end the year 2012 and begin a new chapter.