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Jan 03

A Look At DRJ Spring World

Posted by: Vicki Thomas in DRJ Blogs

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Vicki Thomas

Happy New Year! We're only a few days into 2014 but so far it has been a very interesting year - particularly when it comes to the weather.... If you're in Canada or on the East Coast, you're likely bundled up under layers of blankets and are driving rather cautiously. The winter weather hits us every year, and it seems like each year we're all a bit shocked with the volume of snow and the freezer-like temperatures...

So what does this cold weather talk have to do with DRJ Spring World? Well, perhaps spending some time planning what you'll be doing from March 30-April 2 will make the shovelling a bit easier to take... Forget about the cold weather and think about how nice it will be to be networking with colleagues in the warm weather of Orlando, Florida...

Exactly, DRJ Spring World 2014 is your break from the cold and the routine. Our 50th conference is a chance for you to meet with industry experts, to learn from the best in the DR/BC field and to develop your professional expertise.

In this week's look at DRJ Spring World, we'll take a closer look at the Monday Breakout Tracks and the Tuesday Workshops.

Monday Breakout Tracks

  • Seamless Integration of Crisis Management and Recovery Teams: led by Ray Mach of IMG, you'll learn how large companies manage coordination and communication across many departments, divisions and locations during events that have a broad impact. 
  • Preparedness During The Boston Marathon Terrorist Attacks: led by Paul Dattoli of Partners Health, learn how the Partners Healthcare hospitals responded to the Boston Marathon attack and how technology infrastructure was important to the response.
  • The State of Crisis Communication, Risk Management and the Interplay with Business Continuity 2012/2013: led by Rachel Dines of Forrester, you'll learn the results from the DRJ and Forresters' Annual Market Study - learn how the industry has evolved over the years.
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Alert Notification Systems: led by Tony Schmitz of Send Word Now, you'll learn about the seven deadly sins of alert notification systems and discover things to avoid when using ENS solutions. 
  • Operational Resiliency: Governance in the New BCDR World: led by David Halford of Forsythe Solutions Group, this session will explore best-practice approaches to incorporate resiliency into your BCDR program governance.
  • Emergency Response Session 3: led by Ann Pickren of MIR3, learn about the latest trends in  in notification and how this information can be used to improve notification effectiveness. 

Tuesday Workshops

  • Leveraging Business Continuity Standards: A Practical Guide to Making Standards Work for You: this fast-paced workshop is focused on taking a step back to consider industry standards from the perspective of business continuity practitioners working in a non-regulated environment. (Led by Regina Phillips and Kelly David Williams of EMSS)
  • Command and Control: A Framework for Crisis Management: learn how to build tacit knowledge among leadership, develop solutions around the specific context of a crisis, and get executive buy-in for your crisis management program. (Led by Raychel O'Shea Patino of PVH Corp. and Sean Murphy of Lootok.)
  • Hands-on-Workshop to Build and Exercise Cyber Contingency Examples: participants will review the components of the NIST U.S. Cyber Security framework to protect critical infrastructure and discuss where business continuity skills are needed to guide business leaders as they enhance their contingency plans to respond to a cyber event. (Led by Susan Rogers of Cyberwise.)
  • Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Conduct a Successful BCP/DRP Exercise: learn how to avoid common pitfalls during the development process and how to anticipate and resolve potential problems during a crisis. (Led by Steve Goldman of Steve Goldman Assc.)
  • Incident Management Planning and Social Media: learn how social media can have a dramatic impact on incident management. Discover the Incident Command System and PPBI Incident Management Plan Maturity Model which was developed from recognized standards and industry best practices. (Led by Ken Schroeder of Southeast Corp., Deidrich Town of Hewlett Packard, and David Ziev of Bus. Cont. Prof.)
  • Resilience in the Face of Disruptions: this interactive session uses participant responses to hypothetical cases of supply chain disruption to assess how organizational resilience and supply chain resilience can affect recovery efforts during supply chain disruptions. (Led by Arash Azadegan and Anne Quarshie of Rutgers Business.)

As you can see there is a lot happening at our 50th Conference. Be sure to download the agenda and get registered for the sessions that stand-out for you. As usual we are located at top-notch location with the Coronado Springs Resort. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando from March 30 - April 2!