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Oct 31

What Can Hurricane Sandy Teach Us About Disaster Recovery?

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

Tagged in: data center

Adnan Raja

As Hurricane Sandy headed towards Manhattan earlier this week, data centers across New York tested their emergency systems and prepared for the hit.  However, for one ISP, this was simply not enough to prevent this freak storm from affecting their data center in lower Manhattan. 

Hurricane Sandy flooded the entire basement of Datagram’s data center on Monday, requiring it to be shut down to avoid infrastructure damage.  Luckily, many of Datagram’s clients already had backup and disaster recovery services with the company’s secondary location in Connecticut and were able to remain up during the storm because of the failover protection provided to them.  That's the good thing about cloud hosting - your data is never in just one location. One data center could undergo failure and your company data will remain completely safe. 

Hurricane Sandy has definitely taught the community a few lessons, but overall it has reinforced the notion that an effective, efficient disaster recovery plan is essential for every business that relies on stored data.  Cloud hosting is a great option for disaster recovery because it is flexible, reliable, and cost-effective.  Cloud hosting also facilitates very fast recovery times in the event of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, as cloud servers can be spun up in minutes.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!  Make sure your company has a disaster recovery plan in place so that business continuity can be made easier in the event of an unexpected disaster like Hurricane Sandy!