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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Danger In The Parking Lot

Written by  December 28, 2007

Most of our business continuity plans include evacuation procedures of some sort. Many are simply “get out and gather in the parking lot.” Only a few organizations have true “shelter-in-place” options. I use the term “options” deliberately, because “shelter-in-place” is more than just staying inside a building. Shelter-in-place demands a safe environment. HazMat Threats For many planners considering a shelter-in-place option, the risk comes from hazardous materials. If the organization is located along a busy highway, railway, canal or seaway, if it is near a sea or airport, or if it is situated near chemical plants or other operations which emit dangerous gases, the hazmat risk must be considered the primary reason to include a shelter-in-place option. But there are other reasons. Two near the top of my list are tornados and earthquakes. Unfortunately, there still are other reasons, such as bombs. The bomb may not be intended for your facility, but if


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