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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Facing Legal Liability in the Face of Terrorism and Disaster

Written by  Edward J. Maggio, Esq. December 28, 2007

The American business community must protect itself from being sued by plaintiffs under civil law following a terrorist attack or emergency situation. The good news is that many large corporate firms are constantly developing or reevaluating the nature of risks for their organizations. Such organizations constantly review procedures to prevent increased liabilities when a crisis emerges down the road. The legal weak point for the American business community lies in the area of small- or medium-sized business organizations. A business such as a small vendor company or business office may not have considered the full potential for risks and legal consequences. It is also probable they have little emergency or business continuity planning at all. The reality is that the potential for your business to be sued due to a legal complication is high as America faces more terrorist and environmental hazards in the near future.


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