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The Best Defense for Ransomware is an Even Stronger Offense

Written by DAVE LeCLAIR

Disaster Recovery Plan

Ransomware is not new. In fact, forms of ransomware have been around for over a decade; however, these earlier forms were largely ineffective. They took on the form of "scare-ware" or "nag-ware" and simply popped up messages on the screen in an attempt to convince the user that the system was infected with viruses. Another approach was to show inappropriate images on the screen and then demand payment to remove them. These early forms did not permanently lock or encrypt files, and they were typically fairly easy to remove or avoid. Criminals also had difficulty collecting these fees anonymously. As a result, when those annoying infections popped up occasionally, they were not the scourge that modern ransomware has become.

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The Best Defense for Ransomware is an Even Stronger Offense

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