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Not Your Average DR

Written by GARY WATSON

Recent tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and tsunamis have refocused attention on disaster recovery among business leaders and IT managers. While the broader scale of disaster recovery planning includes facilities, power, cooling, communications and people, data recovery remains key to business continuity.

When people think of disaster recovery (DR), they probably typically think of ransomware, cyberattacks or user errors. However, there are many more possibilities and circumstances to consider when it comes to DR. Data is collected nonstop in almost every corner of the world - including unlikely locations such as research centers in the desert, the back of an icebreaker in Antarctica, and gas wells. In these types of remote areas, it’s not possible to have ideal data center conditions, such as clean power and steady air conditioning. Instead, conditions can be unpredictable, swaying from extremely hot to extremely cold, with the potential to lose power at any time.

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