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Friday, 12 July 2019 13:56

Cloud Responsibly – It Can Be Easier Than You Think


Gralewski1Do you cloud responsibly?

Cloud responsibly means that when you move, manage and use cloud workloads, you’re thinking about data protection.

It means an organization is being smart and thoughtful about managing data protection. It means backup, rapid recovery, search and availability of workloads in cloud and multi-cloud environments. As a result, your organization can move to the cloud for data agility while also enforcing your data protection policies.

Being responsible about your cloud strategy is important. Today 84% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. The challenge is 68% of surveyed IT leaders said the volume of data to move was preventing progress in moving more apps and data to the cloud.

Organizations are cautious about what data, applications and workloads they move to the cloud. No one wants to move too quickly and make a mistake. When we’re talking cloud, mistakes can be monetary – or reputational. Monetary mistakes happen when IT groups choose to move large cloud workloads to warm storage and then recall those workloads without thinking through the (repatriation) costs.

The bigger issue is reputational costs. No organization wants to be in a headline about a cloud data breach. When an IT group fails to properly secure their cloud workloads, the reputational damage is detrimental. Lawyers get involved. Customers complain. Compliance is reviewed. People are fired.

It’s not just detrimental for the organization that left a cloud workload unsecured. The big public cloud vendors also get hurt with headlines about cloud data breaches.

Recently, a healthcare data breach from information left unsecured in a major cloud became headline news and raised the public dialogue on security and the cloud. Under the shared responsibility model, the firm that uploaded the data owned the role of data protection, but the news showed only the logo of the cloud vendor. Although they held no responsibility for this breach, their name was the headline on the national morning news. Most of the major cloud vendors have suffered from similar situations, and the problem is only growing.

Gralewski2IT organizations – or increasingly the shadow IT organizations that are moving content to the cloud – are responsible for data protection. The organization purchasing cloud capacity is responsible for protecting data in flight while it’s moving to the cloud. They own the responsibility to protect the data while it is sitting or active in cloud storage. They own protection of data that is moving back to the on-premises environment from the cloud.

The idea behind cloud responsibly isn’t new. IT leaders are consistently applying smart data protection principles to their on-premises environments. Now it’s time to do the same in the cloud.

Streamline your combined data protection strategy to accommodate your diverse data estate. Today IT leaders need a single dashboard to manage on-premises and cloud-based data storage.

When you’re managing your organization’s data from a single view, you can more quickly see issues and opportunities.

Today’s IT modernization projects include cloud data migration and the consolidation of legacy data protection products. Organizations have replaced 2, 5, 6 or even 16 different data backup and recovery platforms with a single, intuitive data protection dashboard.

Align on one platform with role-based access, global coverage and support for the technologies you use today – and those looming in your 3 year IT plan. When you’re using just one data protection platform, it is remarkably easier to apply the appropriate policies, SLAs, RTO and RPOs to on-premises and cloud-based data sets.

If you’re using multiple backup products not designed to accommodate your cloud and on-premises environments, you may be adding risk, work and cost to your environment.

Isn’t it time that you cloud responsibly?

Gralewski PennyPenny Gralewski is the Commvault solutions marketing lead for cloud data protection. She previously worked with enterprise software firms to solve IT challenges with data, applications and virtualization.